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Buick Forum: GM Customer Service person on this site.
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    Re: Paint Problems Since Day One of Dealer Delivery

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    Well, thought I'd give you all an update. It's been over 2 years now and as you can see from this post, there never was a reply to this thread from the rep.
    The customer care rep here did get ahold of me but kept siding with the dealer all the time so I did have to get Buick directly involved in this problem and also had to escalate it to a supervisory level as the new rep would talk with me, tell me yep, yep, yep, call the dealer, then get back to me and side with them also. I finally found a guy at the supervisory level named Scott that helped me get money back from the dealer so I could move on. I cashed in about $6k worth of contracts and a $350 maintenance plan and went to a different dealer that has welcomed me with open arms and has taken very good care of me. Anyway, just thought you all might want to know about this customer care thing here. I would probably start off with Buick if you have a problem and can't get it solved at the dealer level.
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    Re: GM Customer Service person on this site.

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    Is there still a Buick customer service rep available on this site anymore?
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