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Buick Forum: UPDATE: BUILD FINALLY DONE 420WHP with 13 automatic GS. DYNO, Pics and vids...
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    Re: UPDATE: BUILD FINALLY DONE 420WHP with 13 automatic GS. DYNO, Pics and vids...

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    So I finally am updating everyone that was wanting to keep informed with my build. It's finally done and I am happy with the numbers, 420WHP I know that is just what they are but nice to have an idea. "Picture of Dyno sheet included in pics" I'll be going to the track to compare with last years run of 13.84 @ 103 1/4 mile, stock engine and internals just a tune and CAI on E85.
    BUILD list:
    New LDK block "stronger Gen 3"
    Forged Pistons
    4340 Rods
    Stock head "not ported yet"
    82# springs and retainers
    Stage 2 cams with Fuel lobes for E85
    3" downpipe
    Resonator Delete "before build"
    Stock mufflers "Free flowing, Quiet, do not want loud Ricey exhaust, want a Sleeper, loud enough when you get on it but no Drone when cruising."
    EFR/ZFR 7163 Turbo swap "running 24psi"
    Front mount intercooler with all piping.
    Flex fuel sensor added
    3 days of Dyno tuning.
    "First 13 Auto built to this level caused a lot of tuning issues, but was able to over come the Torque management. ZZP still only charged $150, They used my auto GS as a guinea pig for R&D for future Autos. 11&12's are not able to make this much power, Different TCM and will only make about 360whp. So ZZP was able to learn a lot from the build and Matt was able to tune it to make the most of the build.

    Here are some links to the dyno pull, and 2 other street pulls, one from a dead stop and light brake torque/boost building, and another doing a 40mph pull.
    Dyno pull:
    Street 0-100mph pull:
    Street 40-100mph pull:

    Attachment 10684Attachment 10677Attachment 10678Attachment 10679Attachment 10680Attachment 10681Attachment 10682Attachment 10683
    Awesome numbers!!! Great work!

    K&N Typhoon Intake
    EaAU3050 Filter
    Forge Recirculating Bypass Valve
    Werks Shorty Downpipe w/ Highflow Cat
    Secondary Cat Delete
    Scangauge II
    Triple R Composites Splitter
    Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
    Turbo Buick Badge

  2. Re: UPDATE: BUILD FINALLY DONE 420WHP with 13 automatic GS. DYNO, Pics and vids...

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    Thanks, Was basically a Guinea pig for others, but posting this I'm sure helped others with their upgrades, and it can be done with a least 2013 it can. I'm really happy with the build, can't wait to hit the strip again. I'll keep ppl posted with those numbers also.
    420WHP-369WTQ 13' CRNFD GS
    New LDK Gen 3 block,Forged pistons,4340 rods,Stage 2 Cams with fuel lobes E85,82# springs with retainers,EFR 7163 Turbo "24psi",ZZP 3" downpipe with cats,Resonator delete (previously done),Stock mufflers (flow great, nice sound and quiet cruising with no drone),ZZP Front mount intercooler,ZZP E85 flex fuel kit,HP Tuner,K&N CAI
    Maxton Designs Front splitter, 20' Vossen Gloss grapite CVT's

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