Cascada Convertible attracts new customers ahead of three more launches

05.18.2016 – Over the past three years Buick‘s global sales have grown well beyond expectations.  Their sales have already increased astronomically through 2016.  In the month of April Buick experienced an all time high in sales and new customer growth from competitor brands thanks to the Cascada.

The two leading models are the new Cascada and the ever popular Encore reaching pinnacle sales within the Buick community.  Between January and April of 2016, more than 35,000 new customers have switched to Buick.

Cascada has outperformed in the month of April with 1,090 sales and over 2,487 between January and April 2016.  The percentage of Cascada buyers within the first three months of the year have hit an all time high of 64%.  This percentage comes from new Buick buyers who’ve traded in their vehicles made by other manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda and Audi.

Duncan Aldred, vice president of Buick Global Sales, Service and Marketing, said “The lasting impact of the Cascada will be a change in perception that only a sexy, sleek convertible can provide.”  He believes these figures are from a total change in concept, attracting buyers to the country’s largest convertible markets.  He’s shown their highest sales growth comes out of Texas, California, New York, Florida and New Jersey.  These states are also an important factor in Buick’s continued growth and success.

Cascada is one of four new models arriving in U.S showrooms and just the first of two components for Buick.

Envision is now at dealerships and promising a new model for 2017 with a starting price of $34,990.  Among other progressive features, the Envision offers the largest list of standard safety while pricing $1,300 less than the Acura RDX and $6,000 less than the Audi Q5.

Encore has reached more than 57% of sales from customers coming from competitive manufacturers.  These customers have cited quality, value and exceptional exterior design as the most popular reasons for their change of heart.  Due to their competitive pricing, the Encore now represents over 40% of Buick sales.

While other manufacturers are rolling out their line of smaller SUVs, Buick has already prepared for their new 2017 Encore to be released later on this year.  This model will offer a more sophisticated design while providing the leading features that customers want most.  Some of these features include: Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and 4G LTE Wi-Fi for as many as seven devices.

Among Buick’s customer strategies, they’re offering the refinement and technology that people are expecting from a luxury automobile with a price tag similar to their competitors.  Due to their incredible strategies, Buick has won the Kelley Blue Book’s “Best Value Luxury Brand” over the past four years.

Duncan Aldred believes the release of their four newest models will have customers defining what the brand is about today – not yesterday.  The 2017 Encore will be released alongside the new LaCrosse sedan, the Cascada and the Envision.  It seems customer’s misconceptions are fading away while sales are on the rise.

Customers are becoming more demanding in what they expect from vehicle manufacturers.  With the soaring price of vehicles, consumers are requiring higher quality, better design and feature packages to attract their business.  Buick is on the cutting edge of providing buyers exactly what they’re looking for.  Rolling out their 2017 fleet later on this year might very well place them in a position that could make them a top manufacturer globally.

Cascada Launch Leads Buick’s Perception-Shifting 2016
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