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  • 5.25″ by 1.4″ (size of a Grand National badge). See more information below.

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Hey, Turbo Buick owners! People in our club were looking for custom badges to set their Buicks apart from others – but getting those badges were somewhat of a challenge. These are 5.25 inches wide by 1.4 inches tall (basically the size of a Grand National badge) and come with strong adhesive on the back. They’re two-part polyurethane resin for exceptional resiliency and nearly impossible to crack or chip. They never get 100% rigid so are flexible enough to accept slight curves. The two-part polyurethane contains ultraviolet inhibitors that protect the encased material – and the resin itself – from sun damage and discoloration.

The lettering is chrome and reflective. These aren’t the greatest pictures but hopefully they’re good enough. The actual pieces themselves look excellent with either one on each front fender and/or one on the trunk. I’ve even seen people place one on the dashboard.

Orders placed before 9pm eastern time are typically mailed the same day. If the order comes in after the post office has closed, the package is left in their overnight bin inside the location – so you can expect to receive your badge(s) quickly.

If you have any questions please click here and choose the “I want to buy a Turbo Buick badge/emblem” option and I’ll get back to you right away. Otherwise, expect a few people to ask, “Is that the new Grand National?” – especially if you drive a Regal GS…

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