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  1. 2013 Noise Cancelling Oddity

    Took the Encore to Nashville last week..... Going, we packed lite and all was well. Returning, we brought home a carload of equipment and found an oddity with the Noise Cancelling Subwoofer. We had packed car the night before, jumped in the next morning and upon startup..... at idle - we heard...
  2. Battery Replacement

    25K miles, garage kept, 6 months beyond 3 years My wife had mentioned that it “Sounded kinda hesitant” when starting. I tried it and it seemed just fine. 1 week later, it left me High & Dry on my way to church. Stopped at Sheetz, got a paper, fired up & was about to pass the pumps but noticed...
  3. Lil’ Squirrely In Snow With Stock Tires

    All set now - built a tire rack in the garage to hold two sets Thankfully, my local NTB took 18 wheels & Tires off me - no charge. (had them piling up in the basement) Seems no one wanted 1980 Chevy citation nor 1984 Fiero Wheels & Tires..... (can you believe it) :blink:
  4. Lil’ Squirrely In Snow With Stock Tires

    Now "More Prepared" for Winter Went for a 16" x 7.5" Wheel & 215/65R-16 WS80 Again, granted it "GOES" quite well without - but should STOP even better now.
  5. Manually Deactivating AWD?

    Just pondering…… Does anyone know if it’s possible to Deactivate the AWD? My thinking is….. I really only need it when driving on wet or snow covered roads and it has to be somewhat a waste on MPG on dry pavement and an extra wear on the drive train. Yes, I know it...
  6. Sound Canceling question

    As a sideline….. I’ve always pondered, does it really do anything & can it be turned on/off to test/validate?
  7. Buick Encore Forum Sections - Maintenance,How To,Pictures,Detailing,etc. - thoughts?

    Sounds great… Being a DYI guy & keeper of cars well beyond their normal use……. – I’m all for it. (anyone need 250 photos of the underside of the 2013) :)
  8. Wiring harness on spare tire?

    Welcome Pwhited Search: Subwoofer and you'll find photos and other's write-ups on the Unit :)
  9. Rear Bumper Protector?

    Has anyone seen / purchased a Rear Bumper Protector / Guard? I know it’s kinda like “Closing the Barn Door after the Horse left”…. But I scratched up my wife’s back bumper placing a huge Bass Guitar cabinet in it (that she didn’t want me to buy anyway) so now I’ve got to kinda make it...
  10. Air filter location

    Hood Open - Looking at the Motor - on the Left
  11. Any problems taking the Encore through an automatic car wash?

    Not making fun..... just have not been to a Car Wash in 40 years Love washing cars!
  12. Lil’ Squirrely In Snow With Stock Tires

    Had the opportunity to be caught in a bit of snow over the weekend. (AWD) Love how it pulls out in a straight line on a snow covered up hill.:cool: Not all excited (yet) how it pulled out when making a Left turn from a stop. :sad: Seemed the rear wants to catch up with the front?? Had...
  13. Rear headrests - up or down?

    I "Think" there was a button to push? - Will take another look tonight so..... much better now :)
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