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  1. AWD Off Message

    Anyone else with the AWD Encore get the "AWD off" message in the DIC from time to time while driving? Just trying to see what might be causing it. Doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason as to when it happens. Hasn't happened in the snow yet but it would be rather inconvenient if it did. Turn the...
  2. Eratic Shifting

    Do any of you guys experience weird shifting. I know our 2014, seems to shift funny at times.
  3. When to do first oil change

    I was just wondering how you guys felt about the first "break in" oil change. I was thinkiing around 1000-1500 miles, 2000 max.
  4. Introduction

    New member from Maine here. Girlfriend signed papers on a new car Saturday. She wanted to updgrade from a 2001 Jetta into something AWD for the winter so we settled with this, 2014 Buick Encore AWD Leather. My mom bought one last winter, and she loves it. Looking forward to using this...
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