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    Speaker Question

    Check your current speakers for the OHM's, most modern are @4 ohm but confirm. Assuming it's the base system and not Bose, look at the 6x9 one way speakers as they are the most controlled for sound, two ways next if desired and three ways really shouldn't be used because of the stock system...
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    2000 Park Avenue Secondary Air Injection

    #31 GM#12568224 PUMP,SECD AIR INJN(ACDelco #215-417), you will need to confirm part number for your vehicle. If you are tossing parts at a code it may be worth getting it checked with a professional scan or service.
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    Rescuing a 2007 Lucerne CXS with a Northstar

    Congratulations, thanks for the resistor information it comes up on the forum so helpful to have known parts. Also good to know about the VXDiag VCX Nano, have Tech2 but always looking for options. The troubleshooting on problems is a great guideline for others to read through as to many want...
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    electric fans on my 98 Buick lesabre stopped working

    Defrost on will also run the AC and the fans as a possible answer why they were on.
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    Heated Steering Wheel

    GM design engineers did attempt a remote start heated steering wheel but the can kept falling off and legal felt it could create a recall.
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    Replacement mufflers

    These are generic fitting mufflers so you are not limited by the manufacturer, they actually listed these for the 3.8 Lucern. Size matters on the muffler tone and internal baffle design so straight through may produce a more raspy vs oval baffled which may produce a lower rubble. There's some...
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    Common bolt thread, sizes for Regal 97

    You can look through the diagrams and it will give you specific sizes on bolts then decide on what may be helpful.{client:1;page:group;lang:en;family:regal;model:49028-1997}
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    2007 Bumper molding

    It appears that it's only 3 press clips hold it in place so plastic trim tools should be all that's needed. Someone else on the forum may have additional info.
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    Searching for Skylark Floor shifter

    If you can get some exploded views it may help on comparison, didn't know you already had a console. You might find it on Ebay, you might have tried, but it could be a hurry up and wait. Maybe someone else on the forum would know, also check
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    Searching for Skylark Floor shifter

    Not sure if 72 and 71 are the same with appearance. If just looking for a horseshoe style, assume it a Turbo 350 or 400 trans, you could look at other GM bodies, but if trying to fit into a existing...
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    1972 Skylark Climate Control Not Working

    Didn't mention if it has AC but if going through the system and looks similar to this the fan switch control can also go bad.
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    Headlamp assembly issues

    Check the main harness connection from the assembly to the wiring harness. Look for cracks in the harness and corrosion in the connection, first guess on troubleshooting. If you have a meter while apart check if it's getting power from the harness if the above doesn't appear to be the problem.
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    For Sale -----

    This is a joke I hope.
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    Code P0420

    On the code if a shop or if you are doing the repairs. There's two O2 sensors and it's possible, depending on sequence of repairs that the harness / O2 sensor may have been damaged or it's a poor quality aftermarket O2 sensors. A O2 sensor extender may resolve the problem, the type of catalytic...
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