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    Trifecta Tune now available!

    Unless drag racing, one could argue that seat-of-the-pants is the best measure of fun in a daily driver
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    H&R Springs for Buick Regal now available in North America

    According to the link they lower the car 1.2 inches front and rear. I assume that comes with improved handling as well. As for changing springs - it's like many other automotive tasks. There are some risks and dangers, and if it's outside of one's comfort zone, then pay someone to do it. I...
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    2018+ Tourx: Anyone install a bumper protector?

    Just like window tint. Good stuff cost more and lasts. The cheapest you can find on eBay or Amazon is likely to turn purple (or in this case, yellow).
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    Foggy windows

    I'm not positive on the Regal, but many new cars automatically close the fresh air blend door when shut off (basically setting it to recirculate). GM was even doing it as far back as the 98 LeSabre I had.
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    A6 Etron concept

    I definitely don't see Buick Regal GS from these angles. If it wasn't for the grill it would look pretty good. Will be interesting to see how automotive design evolves without the need for a grill.
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    J17 vs J60 brake code caution

    GM parts direct maybe? Can pull up TourX and check against GS, and both FWD and AWD sportbacks. Also, super cheap drilled/slotted rotors from eBay? No. Just, no. Your car deserves better than that. That's like removing Pirellis for some Nankangs because the sidewall is flashier.
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    New owner - question about acceleration

    In the US all pumps should be AKI, or (RON+MON)/2 ratings. Only pumps that might not be would be off-road only fuels, like race gas, or ethanol-free "recreational fuel". These pumps have to be separate of the main island, and you are not to dispense them into the tank of a street driven vehicle...
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    Boost Gauge

    The do actually say: But like you said, not sure what they would even change. Maybe if you are trying to push the car hard on a dirt road things would be coming into play, but it certainly isn't going to be invasive trying a straight line launch on pavement. Maybe they've done a bit of...
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    Boost Gauge

    From everything I have found you won't get a reliable OBD2 boost readout. For the Torque app I can never land on something realistic. I either get ok looking boost, but idle is -20 psi (less than a perfect vacuum?), or realistic idle vac, but it never makes more than 3 psi boost, or idles at 4...
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    Most Interesting, Oddest, Most Quotable things that people have said to you about your TourX?

    Our friend group is mostly mid 30's to mid 40's. Women seem pretty split, some think it's cool, most think it's nice, and a few think a station wagon is the grossest thing ever. My wife apparently has fallen into the last group. She was ok with it, but it seems the more people like my car, the...
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    I'm not sure if this belongs in this forum but I have figured out why Toyota...

    *drives German car with US engine and Japanese transmission
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    I'm not sure if this belongs in this forum but I have figured out why Toyota...

    What's so exciting about a TourX vs a Toyota? Yes I like the long roof look. But this isn't exactly an "exciting" car to drive. No exhaust note, definitely not "sporty" to drive in terms if eager acceleration nor handling, interior is nice, but that's it. What makes a Toyota (not forgetting they...
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    Bigger turbos on a 2018 Tourx?

    There was one guy atound that did on the TourX. Plenty of people out there doing it on the 2 liter Camaros and Cadillacs. Big turbo is not a 1st mod. Getting things breathing (intake, downpipe) and cool (intercooler) should do done to let a larger turbo be effective. And the biggest one -...
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