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  1. Performance Ideas 15 Regal tubro

    Your automatic transmission DOES NOT have a clutch and flywheel
  2. Trick to changing ignition coils?

    Totally different system and procedure on the OP's engine. That's a good video reference for a proper method.
  3. Share your opinion

    "This car was rear ended before i bought it." NVM
  4. Share your opinion

    What brand of axle are you using that only lasts 35k?
  5. 1927 Buick master6 vin verification

    I didn't think I had to state the obvious but what cost is an email inquiry? And like so many things, if the question is not asked then the answer is not known. 😉
  6. 1927 Buick master6 vin verification

    You can try They can provide build sheets when a vin is provided. Usually the response is pretty prompt so good luck.
  7. Wiring diagrams

    The Verano forum would probably provide better help.
  8. engine temp

    The only "real" info about how the temp gauges work would be the designs and schematics that prove the system was designed to work that way.
  9. Turn off remote trunk opening on 2016 Lacrosse.

    If you have the fob on a ring with other keys make sure a flat one is next to the fob. I had the same trouble until I moved the key with a fat "handle" on it so my flat house key was next to the fob buttons. 3 years now and not a single unwanted trunk opening.
  10. The Ongoing Saga of "No Device Connected" Maybe this will be helpful.
  11. Any way to turn OFF the alarm?

    I'm thinking Benzadmiral resolved his problem 4 years ago!
  12. Paddle shifters for GS

    The problem seems to be that no one on this side of the Atlantic has a part number for the steering wheel with paddles. Any part numbers you could supply for the needed parts would be much appreciated.
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