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  1. Cargo liner

    Sorry, misunderstood. Yes, that's why I went with the WeatherTech. The cargo mat isn't even available on the Buick site and customer service has no clue when it will be. I'm actually happy I went with the Weathertech instead, I like the rollout bumper protector and I doubt the Buick OEM one...
  2. Cargo liner

    That's ridiculous. I was able to get them in 2 days. I used my points to order the premium mats right after we bought the Envision in August and had them shipped to the dealer. 2 days late they called and told me to pick them up.
  3. Cargo liner

    WeatherTech looks great.......
  4. USB

    Could be the deductible. However, this is why I never buy extended warranties, even ones straight from the manufacturer. There is always a loophole they use against you as to why it's not covered. A well-funded emergency fund will beat a fraudulent extended warranty every time.
  5. Cargo liner

    Update, I just pulled the trigger on the custom Weathertech cargo liner with the rollout bumper mat. After shipping and tax it was almost $200. Ouch! I wanted to have it for the fall/winter months so I couldn't wait any longer. Now watch, Buick will release the cargo liner next month.
  6. How many miles does your lacrosse have on it?

    2014, bought in 2019. Only 37,500.
  7. Does anyone use the My Buick or Onstar apps? 2015 LaCrosse? Remote start Download to Nav

    Here's a link to the different plan and what they offer. Not sure if it shows prices anywhere, but that can be found on the Buick or Onstar website. It's too rich for my blood. I personally think that the remote phone features should be free. The Onstar, nav, etc should have a fee, but...
  8. Electric parking brake on while towing

    Wow, very interesting. I just read that in the manual as well. I don't have an RV, but was looking at getting one in the near future. Doesn't look like you can just pull the Envision behind it with any wheels on the ground. A flatbed trailer would be necessary.
  9. 2021 Heat Shield Rattle

    I will do that, thanks.
  10. 2021 Heat Shield Rattle

    Anyone else notice this as well? I'll have to get under there when it's cooled down to see if it's a specific point or piece that is just rattling or bumping. Or, of there is something loose. It also seems as though once the car warms up a bit the rattle tends to go away. It's mainly on startup.
  11. 2021 Envision

    What happened to the car to begin with? What's wrong with it?
  12. Cargo liner

    Good question. I'm wondering the same thing. I used my Buick points to purchase the all-weather front and rear mat liners, but would love a cargo liner as well. WeatherTech has it available, but would like it from Buick to match the rest of the Envision. MIght have to pull the trigger on...
  13. 2021 Steering Wheel feel

    I haven't noticed that in my 2021. Sometimes the lane keep/assist will steer me back in line, maybe that is what you are sensing?
  14. 2014 Buick Lacrosse high pitch whistle?

    I'm sorry I can't help, but I would definitely at least call the dealer back and say that they didn't fix the issue and also did you really need brakes? Maybe you did and it's just a coincidence. Or, maybe they ripped you off. No real way of knowing now, but ultimately you still have the problem...
  15. Onstar - yes or no?

    My holdup is the cost. Similar to satellite radio, I negotiate but could never reach an agreement with Onstar as I have Sirius. I pay $5/mo for Sirius in each of my cars. If Onstar was 5-10/mo then I would pull the trigger. But, 15, 20, 30, 40?? No way.
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