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  1. 2013 Verano Oil Drinker

    Give or take, about 500-600 every 2 weeks. A lot for some, but certainly nowhere near 2k. It runs great and again, I don't see any signs of a leak, But, man it does go through a lot of oil. I check the stick every weekend and it is usually down 1-3 notches. The oil is changed every 5k or so with...
  2. 2013 Verano Oil Drinker

    Same here. I have to top off my wife's 2013 Verano every 2 weeks or so with about 1/4 qt. No leaks that I can see. Mainly highway driving. It eats oil. Has about 79k on it. 2.4L. Meticulously maintained.
  3. Wet Oil going to Air Filter

    So, cleaned it all up, ran it for a few months and the oil is back. Not sure if it is the hose itself or what, but i made sure to tighten it correctly. I might just have to bring it in.
  4. AC/Defroster Moldy Smell SOLUTION

    No, just power train (2014). Also, my wife's verano (2013). Yes, i will call and bring up the bulletin and ask what they can do for me. We both have the smell.
  5. AC/Defroster Moldy Smell SOLUTION

    May be a stupid question, but since there is a service bulletin, does that mean the repair is completely covered by the dealership?
  6. Possible Piston failure

    Had a piston go on my 2014 turbo at 29k. Yep. Obviously, fully covered but still unsettling. I'm at 63k now and with my power train warranty coming up soon I'm hoping it doesn't happen again.
  7. 2014 Turbo Plugs & Wires

    Yes, Autolite Iridium XP's.
  8. 2014 Turbo Plugs & Wires

    Yep, that's what I figured. I did replace all the plugs, they weren't in great shape so it was definitely needed. However, the wires seem fine. I figured i would change them with the plugs, but not after what the guy was trying to sell me with the coil package deal. I did ask if that was for GS...
  9. 2014 Turbo Plugs & Wires

    Non-GS. Just hit 60k.Any suggestions? I went to AutoZone and they were trying to sell me wires / coil packs for $50 each? I believe this may be for the GS model, not my turbo?
  10. Broken shift button

    Yep, the tabs are what broke on mine also. That's crazy that they sell the kit. I still have my original shifter, maybe I'll pick up the kit for$5 and see if i can keep it for a spare.
  11. Broken shift button

    Awesome man, glad it worked out for you as well! Much cheaper and easier fix!
  12. Broken shift button

    Damn, I wish I found that video before I installed mine. Ha. That video is exactly what you should do, except I actually unplugged the wire connector just to be safe, but I did not shift it into neutral. That seems like it makes it much easier to move the cover piece in and out. Follow those...
  13. Broken shift button

    Yep, i was a little concerned about that, but i researched and everything pointed to it fitting. Worst case i was out $10. But it fits perfectly, no issues whatsoever.
  14. Broken shift button

    Just replaced this on my 2014 turbo with a $10 shifter knob from China bought on eBay. Works great and is a lot cheaper than the $100+ oem replacement. Same thing happened, little silver piece broke off. Link to shifter. I negotiated down to$10: Metallic Gear Stick Shift Knob Car Gear Knob For...
  15. Wet Oil going to Air Filter

    1. No 2. Yes. Not much, but i check my oil every week because I'm crazy so i always make sure the level is maintained. Also makes me wonder how i didn't notice this previously. Leads me to believe it's fairly new. 3. Going to do just that today. Wiped it down quick, but had to leave the house...