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  1. 2012 Waterpump died

    I have about 22K miles on it and the water pump gave up the ghost. Buick Road Service is great. On the Holiday weekend, they had a flatbed tow here in 40 minutes. Hauled me to the dealer about 25 miles away. Half way there they called me to ensure I was taken care of. Dealer service in...
  2. Noisy AC?

    My wife's 13 Verano with Turbo has what we feel is a noisy AC when standing outside the car, fine inside. It sort of howls? Yes, we'll pull into the dealer and get it checked. Just wondered if anyone else felt it was kinda loud?
  3. 2013 Verano..our 2nd new Buick

    Took delivery of a new 13 Verano yesterday and it will be my wife's car. I'll keep the 2012 Lacrosse. We got the Mocha metallic with Cashmere leather and Premium Pkg...all the goodies including the Turbo!! I had a chance to drive it today and I gotta say....That turbo is flat out awesome for...
  4. Windshield defect...again!

    Right out of the box my 2012 lacrosse had the defective windshield with the defects along the top edge. No had it replaced. Now here I am year and a half later and the new one is showing the same signs starting up all along the top edge. Anyone else seeing it?
  5. Recall 2012 tranny?

    Anyone hear of a recall issue for the 2012 LaCrosse tranny? Not sure what it's for.
  6. Lights on the bottom of doors?

    I tried a search but....OK, my 2012 has lights on the bottom of the front doors. When do they come on? Mine don't seem to at all.
  7. Chrome lower grille trim?

    I can't seem to find a source fot the chrome trim piece that can be added to extend the chrome line from the fog lights across the front. Anyone know where to find these?
  8. Hot Rod Regal!

    Went to my dealer today for first oil change and tire rotation. On the showroom floor was a hottie! Regal, black with black leather. Benbo brakes, wild looking wheels and a 6 speed STICK! MSRP $38,450. That's a new factory offering according to the salesman.
  9. New Pic test

    Test to see if I got the picture right...
  10. Got my first ding!!

    Sat. nite we went to the casino to see the Merle Haggard show.....valet parked it. When we left, our car pulled up...but didnt stop! Kept going past us to a Security guy...waving me over there. Sure enough, the valet guy got caught with one of those barrier arms coming down! Scraped the...
  11. OnStar rates?

    Has anyone renewed your OnStar and found a better rate than the $299 a year? There is a 30% discount if I go for 3 years. Just wondering.......
  12. Hey dummie, your turn signal is on!

    I just discovered another feature my smart car has..... Was driving down the freeway when I hear a chime, and in the DIC window it says "turn signal is on" and a great big exclamation mark! Boy, what will it surprise me with next?
  13. How do I resize this photo?

  14. Avatars?

    Trying to get a neat avatar like you others have.....
  15. 2 quick horn chirps?`

    Occasionally, when getting in or out of the car, it chirps its horn twice. I'm not leaving the remote in the car and can't figure out what it is telling me. It happens when opening the door....Any ideas??
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