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  • I recently bought a 2013 GS that now has 12k miles and I think that my wheels are making way too much noise over bumps. Did the fix that you had in the fall of 2015 permanently do the trick for you?? Feel free to email me directly at Thanks! Steve Stoner
    Hey what's up? Yes I do and have the Continental DWS Extreme All Season tires on for the winter... this is my 2nd season with them and have done fairly well in the winter in Massachusetts... can't think of a time I've been "stuck". Now I am lowered and have the Maxton splitter so I have to be EXTRA careful driving now. My Summer Pirelli tires are shot and will be looking at a new pair of all season tires for the summer as well.
    Do you still have your GS? I've been looking at a 13 and one of my concerns is if I can put a good all season tire on and get through winter. I'm in RI. I'm looking at one that has 19's and one that has 20's. I currently drive a 2011 TO4 German built Regal.
    Hello - no worries and yes I did... in hindsight I would have never bought the 2011 Regal Turbo if I would have gotten the GS first.... Better car all around no frills about it, in terms of performance, looks, features, etc. and I regret getting it first. If you can find a good deal (which you probably can because the resale sucks on the GS), then jump on it. I bought mine with no miles brand new off the showroom floor so I probably overpaid but still got a fair deal. I personally don't like the 2014+ redesign to the front and back end, nor the interior, so a loaded 2013 is the best the car is going to get in my opinion.

    2011 Regal (Turbo) is a nice car, but GS is a beast compared to the base model especially if you have it tuned. Status wise too if you care about that stuff, meaning almost every day I have some one asking me what kind of car that is because there are NONE around.
    Good Morning
    I came across one of your posts that said you went from a '11 turbo to a 13 GS. I live in RI and am considering doing the same but not sure about the move as my turbo is a great car and in great shape. How do you like the GS compared to your turbo??

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