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  1. No way, there goes the neighborhood...

    We have a stretch of U.S. 90 here that legend says was named (when it was a trail or simple road) by the local Indians, the Choctaws, for a governor of the state who persistently lied to and about them. I guess some of them spoke French. How else would they come up with "Chef Menteur" ("Big...
  2. 2017 Lacrosse looking for things to watch out for.

    An image on a DuckDuckGo search shows what looks like an oil temp gauge. If it moves up through the numbers only slowly, so that it takes a while to hit that midrange, that suggests it's oil temp. I don't have that feature on my 2016. You're right, in the "instrument Cluster" section of the...
  3. 2019 Buick Lacrosse Auto Stop

    I'm glad to know it works, and that if something happens to my '16, I can buy a '17-'19 and modify it without problems. Which one did you purchase? I saw listings on the 'Net for ones at $150, but Jetman2 says his was $200.
  4. Lacrosse has a very smooth ride apparently

    Not sure. My Regal was a 2011 base model, and back then Buick was positioning Regal to be their "sporty" model. Certainly the GS was marketed (when it was marketed at all) as sporty. My base model came with 18" wheels and relatively low-profile tires. Combined with its...
  5. Little things you like or love about your LaCrosse?

    My first Buick was the '03 Park Avenue, but I came within a hair of buying an '06 LaCrosse in the summer of '07 first. It was the sapphire blue color with a light gray leather interior, and drove beautifully. But the dealer did not seem to want to sell it. They were reluctant to bargain on...
  6. Little things you like or love about your LaCrosse?

    I see quite a few LaCrosses nearly every day, but not many of the 2016s like mine with the chrome strip spanning the entire trunk and joining the taillight trim. The short chrome bar on the earlier years looked like an afterthought at Buick. "Damn, we need some chrome back here! George! Got...
  7. 2019 Buick Lacrosse Auto Stop

    This is why I didn't want a '17 LaCrosse, though I love everything else about the car. On the 'net you can buy a device that will defeat the Auto Start Stop -- it goes somewhere under the hood, apparently can be installed easily, and costs about $150. If you search here you'll probably find a...
  8. Little things you like or love about your LaCrosse?

    Cold for this place this AM, 31 F. as I headed to work. The car began to throw heat very quickly, and at 70 F. on the temp setting, the interior got actually kind of hot. I know the heated seat works; I accidentally put it on one day this past summer while in lightweight pants, and wondered as...
  9. Found A 1/18 Scale Model Lacrosse!

    Some of those Liveart car model offerings are excellent, and hard to find . . . but $197 for a diecast car? As Blu05 also mentioned, EBay is a good source.
  10. 2015 3.6 awd Lacrosse riding like a boat on the ocean

    My 2016 has the electronic steering, and it certainly doesn't wallow or ride like a boat. Perhaps it might seem that way if you're used to the sporty suspension on a BMW, for example. Try driving another '14 or '15 and see how it rides. Even at 24K miles, you might need new shocks.
  11. How much time to replace keyfob battery after low battery warning?

    Thanks -- I'll have a look for these this weekend. Good to be prepared.
  12. How much time to replace keyfob battery after low battery warning?

    What type battery does the keyfob require? The manual says "CR2032"; is that the code to look for at the store?
  13. Real World Gas Mileage

    The weather has improved a bit, so I haven't needed the A/C as much, and I've aired my tires to 35. My readout gave me 22.9 this a.m.. Calculation after the fill-up yielded 23.1. Then I ran the *long* way to work, about 20 miles instead of 12, but that 20 is mostly highway -- and as I parked...
  14. What psi do you guys run?

    QUOTE="Rich B., post: 320085, member: 47261"] Must be 3 forums here now about same thing- why not lmao? Hope some have remembered to check spare tire, takes more than 30-40 PSI to top off those...... Yes, I looked at that. The spare takes 60 psi. A good thing to check it before a trip or once...
  15. 2011 Buick LaCrosse Colored Tri Shield

    Is this the listing? https://tinyurl.com/y2h4p948 $153 seems a little high for something that's plastic. Or is that for both pieces, front and rear?
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