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  1. Ambient Temperature Issue

    Oh, believe me, I have plans to flee this pesthole. I just don't know why people want to see a big fat "95" on their instrument panel. I've had the suggestion to put some black tape over the screen at that point. No way -- imagine how the stickiness would stay even after I removed it. Where...
  2. Ambient Temperature Issue

    Personally I'd love to wipe out the outside temp reading. All it does it remind me I live in a hot steamy pesthole. Is there a sensor I could remove, or have removed?
  3. Performance programming?

    My new-to-me '16 LaCrosse Premium with the 3.6 is a great and smooth-handling car. But I wonder whether I could benefit, either in takeoff/passing performance or in gas mileage, with one of these: Security Check A little pricey, yes, and the only site I've found reviews on it is this one. Is...
  4. What would you suggest replacing my 95 Riviera with?

    The 2011-2016 LaCrosse has a very smooth style: Story about the LaCrosse vs. the Park Avenue I used to own: The previous owner of the PA used to get his hair cut at the same shop I did. He'd bought a Lucerne in '07, but he didn't like it much. "It doesn't ride like the Park Avenue." Then...
  5. lets see your park avenue

    My '03, which was an intermediate model (it had the Touring suspension and most of the Ultra features, except no sunroof or supercharger), had the hood ornament. Sometimes I wish I hadn't moved on to the '11 Regal, the '15 BMW, or the '16 LaCrosse. Though the LaCrosse is a worthy successor...
  6. New Buick Regal Discussion

    I drove my 2011 non-turbo for 5 solid years. Never a squeak or rattle, very little repairs needed (the seat heater unit under warranty, the cam solenoid business after the warranty), and parts were not expensive for maintenance. Thanks to tire rotation, the original Michelin tires had about...
  7. PCV Valve on the 2016 3.6 engine?

    So tubes rather than a simple valve? Well, then, not something I need to worry about unless I see oil burning, I suppose? Thanks.
  8. PCV Valve on the 2016 3.6 engine?

    Is there one that the user can replace easily, or is it buried deep within the manifold? Rockauto lists only a PCV hose as a part, not a valve, and Autozone lists only a canister purge valve and a canister vent valve solenoid. Advance Auto Parts does list a PCV Valve, which they call a BWD PCV...
  9. Delayed locking/passive locking

    I'm still learning the features of the '16 LaCrosse. One that disturbs me a bit is the feature where the car locks itself within a minute or so after I climb out and shut the door. When I'm washing the car, for instance, or I want to get something from the trunk. I hop out, shut the door...
  10. Stop/Start ability to turn feature off

    I think it bothers a lot of us because it isn't our choice -- that we have no choice. I didn't mind the feature in my BMW, because in the 2015 it could not only be turned off, but programmed to remember to stay off, and I could choose to use it or not. To have it forced on us, on a car we are...
  11. Stop/Start ability to turn feature off

    Apparently also true for the 2017 LaCrosse. I was considering one of those until I heard this fact. I went with a 2016, which doesn't have Auto SS.
  12. New Regal owner here, any tips?

    Oh, and ARegalMan, I don't know if the 2014 came with better gas and brake pedal covers than my 2011 did. I bought and installed the sport ones from GM, the silvery ones with the black studs. They made for a much better driving experience, especially as the dealer or someone had left the...
  13. New Regal owner here, any tips?

    That's better than "BMWs/Mercedes are for guys with $15K laying around."
  14. 2011 Buick Regal CXL Transmission

    No fluid is "lifetime," in my opinion, and in something as complex as a transmission, if there is a service time/mileage, I halve it. Usualy 50K miles seems like a good figure if the manual says lifetime or 100K intervals. If the manufacturer says 60K miles, then 30-35K is when I'd want to...
  15. MP3 files thru USB port?

    Hm -- I never had trouble adding files without reformatting and re-indexing, not in the Regal or the BMW 3 Series I went to afterward. The systems re-indexed itself. The same stick is playing without issue in my '16 LaCrosse now.