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  1. New 1998 Park Avenue Ultra w/just 76K miles!!!

    Check the sub frame bushings. A "clunk" can be an indication of deteriorated sub frame bushings if other suspension components check out ok.
  2. Help? Please? 1999 park avenue rack and pinion is broken

    The right mounting bracket on my 2001 broke and I replaced it with a overhauled unit from Detroit Axle a couple of years back. Looks like they have a unit available for a 99 PA for $98.00 and that includes shipping.
  3. Why do common parts not exist for this vehicle?

    Rock Auto has a new GM latch, but it ain't cheap at $307.79. I've been trying to find a new latch for the left rear door to no avail..... GM just doesn't support older models after a certain point
  4. I need assistance getting the passenger rear door actuator out to replace it...2002 Park avenue

    There are three rods that you have to disengage from the latch/lock mechanism. One is short and on a vertical orientation, that connects the outside handle to the latch mechanism. I think (been a few months since I've worked on mine) you push the short rod towards the outside. The horizontal...
  5. ac problem

    Is it blowing warm air out of both the passenger and driver's vents?
  6. Rear End Overhaul Underway - 04 PAU - Rear Drain Hose Identification?

    Here's another https://buick.catalogs-parts.com/#{client:1;page:models;lang:en}
  7. Rear door lock mechanism.

    I have looked on all of the "genuine" GM parts sites, as well as called a few and came up empty. Also unsuccessful in getting any cross reference numbers for a later designs/versions.
  8. Rear door lock mechanism.

    I'm experiencing the same problem with left rear door on my 2001 Park Avenue. I've dosed the mechanism with PB Blaster while it was mounted in the door, I have removed the lock mechanism and THOROUGHLY doused it and re-installed. Works a few times and then refuses to function. Remove the entire...
  9. 1999 Buick Park Ave Ultra

    The nylon gear in the mechanism fails. The motor runs and makes noise, but nothing else.... You have to replace the broken nylon gear with one of these...
  10. door wont open

    The left rear door on my 2001 Park Avenue would not unlock and open, despite trying the drivers door lock switch and the lock knob located next to the inside door handle. Someone (maybe here) suggested lubricating the door latch mechanism to free things up. I had to remove the lower part of the...
  11. Ignition switch relay?

    Have a similar problem. Sometimes I turn key and nothing happens, mostly after car has been sitting overnight. On rare occasions it happens after I've been driving around. The starter solenoid is hanging up and doesn't engage. Keep a hammer in the trunk and tap the starter a few times when it...

    If it is the original unit, it's probably time for a replacement. Had to have the one replaced on my 2001 PA a couple of years back. I got an overhauled unit from Detroit Axle (google them) for a very reasonable price and paid my backyard mechanic to install. I checked their site and they have...
  13. Stuck Driver's Side CV Axle

    The guy that replaced my CV joints a few months back used an air hammer with a pointed bit to tap the outboard end of the axle with light to moderate intensity for 30 seconds to a minute. He then used a pry bar and both came out without a lot of effort. He performed this little exercise shortly...
  14. Engine miss accompanied by tach needle twitching

    No check engine light. Favorite shade tree mechanic has been out of town, so I have not had access to a scanner to check for any codes
  15. Engine miss accompanied by tach needle twitching

    Would the OD not disengaging cause the tach needle to twitch? I went by a transmission shop a month or so back and they wouldn't service the transmission due to the condition of the fluid (brownish) and the number of miles (162,000).
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