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  1. Display shows door open when it is closed and lights stay on inside of car

    2911 Buick Regal I keep getting a message that the passenger door is open when it is closed. It keeps flashing that message and the dome light stays on and it sounds like the locks are going up and down. When you open the passenger door the message goes away and the light goes off too. It is...
  2. where are the 7 speakers in my 2011 regal

    I am suppose to have 7 speakers in my 2011 Buick Regal. Where are they? I have one in each door and one in the front. Where are the other 2 speakers? Are there suppose to be any in the back window ledge?
  3. Air Noise in Regal 2011

    I noticed that the rear windows in the far back corners (where the glass is stationary) seem to have air noise. I never heard it until I sat in the back seat. One side seems to have more air noise than the other. Does anyone else have that problem? Should I take it in to the dealership?
  4. should the fan keep running on my 2011 Regal

    Should a fan run in my 2011 Turbo Regal after I shut it off?
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