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  • Hi my name is Jim and I am new to the forum. I just bought a 58 buick limited 2 door hardtop and I am looking for info on this car. am I in the right spot?
    I pmed you about changing my user name was wondering if you can ? check my pm I think I put Johnny GS
    Howdy, my name is Keegan. I need the water pump seal tool. Any chance you have one left? I don't have PayPal set up but I would gladly send you money anyway I can to get the tool as fast as I can. My Camaro is leaking oil worse and worse. Email or text me please so much easier.. Thank you for your time. If you don't have one please inform me where I can find another besides eBay, but I will gladly pay you more than 6.50 for the tool.
    Hello. I am a new member with a beautiful new 2012 Lacrosse. Yesterday I started a new thread concenring my IPod and the Intellilink system. Will that message be posted? It has been about 24 hours. Thanks!

    Hey Buffman, I was wondering, I am a new member here and I submitted a post last night, why hasn't it posted yet? I know it have to be reviewed, was it not the right content?
    Ron McElroy aka ronmc1954
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