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  • hi,
    im planning to buy a 2007 rendezvous cx with 175000 kms. can you please tell me the most common problems with this model, that i need to check for?
    car had engine light and abs light on but they got it fixed (changed the sensor) do you think its fixed now or it comes back? i hard from someone, if you got light on your dashboard, they dont go off, will be back after sometime?
    plz guide me
    Hi Jessica,

    What I would really like for you to do, if it's possible, is find the TSB for this problem, that would help me out. I'm not sure when I will be able to take it in for this problem, but I would like to be as prepared as possible with any information that would help them diagnose and repair this if possible.
    i purchased a trade in 2010 lacrosse with 12000 miles...it now has 16000 on it and the park assist service message is appearing and the pushbutton falshes and no rear sensor beeping is working. the side assist still works....first do I have any warranty on theis car ...or am I left on my own to fix this... second i find many reviews with this problem...Are there any tsp bulletins available to me on this...thanks for your time
    Vehicle arrived at dealer early this morning so I deleted a previous private message inquiring about delivery timeline.
    Hi, I'm thinking about adding blind spot sensors mirrors to my 2012 Verano and I was curious if this mean taking the car doors apart to add on the new mirrors and what it would cost? Thank you, Carleen.
    ]I drive a 2012 regal base with the base sound system. Today when I was driving out of nowhere with out me touching anything the volume decreased to 6 . Now both steering wheel and dash board volume controls will turn down volume but will not exceed 6 , I ain't even hear the radio now when I drive on the highway , HELP
    Alexander Chavez
    Last eight of VIN# DF171403
    Miles 329
    Crawford Buick, El Paso, Texas

    The side detection sensors are fixed, but they where advised by GM Support Tech that they cannot release the vehicle back to me until they replace the rack and pinion. Even after the Crawford Tech had no error message on the reader. Why didnt they order the part in advance instead of making me think I was going to get my car back. Now from what the service rep told me the part has to be made because they do not have any in stock and that I will most likely be another week before he can tell me if the part comes in, NOT if the car is fixed but if the part comes in. I have exhausted all my avenues with this issue. Customer Service is giving me the run around, the dealership where I bought the car will not call me back and the bottom line I think they knew something was wrong with that car!
    I have a 2013 Buick LaCrosse, that has the following problems: 1st the side detection warning light stays on, 2nd I lost all power steering and now the power steering light is on and I have no power steering. According to the dealership they cannot tell me what caused the power steering warning light to come on until they work out the side detection warning light. Is this correct, they can only work on one issue at a time. Please keep in mind the vehicle has 314 miles. its new!
    I posted a new thread yesterday about my 2010 LaCrosse and the IntelliLink system on the new models. Hoping you have some input there.. Thanks.
    I recently purchased an 05 Rendezvous Ultra, I did not receive a navigation manual. Do you know where I can find one?
    Hello. Is there something wrong with the intellilink radio system? I just bought a 2012 Verano. The car has 2200km on it. The intellililnk screen went black while I was driving and nothing(radio, ) would work. I pressed the power button and it came back on. On Tuesday, I came out of the mall and started the engine and the intellilink screen was black. Again no radio. I drove to the dealer, about 10km, and the screen was black all the way. After coming out of the dealer, I started the engine and the intellilink screen came on and the radio and other parts of the intellilink screen operated. What is the problem?
    Last 8 digiits of the VIN C4225340
    Thank you
    I feel like I can't get a strait answer to this question. I just bought a 2012 Buick Regal GS that has Navigation. Does that mean I don't have IntelliLink? I am having problems syncing my phone with the system (Widows Phone 7) and am at a loss as to what to do next.
    I don't know if you can help me, everyone else I have delt with appeare to have written me off.

    I have an '07 Lucerne with now 44500 miles. I have now had the wheel alignment checked by two independent shops and have been told that the caster on the left front wheel is not within specification and can not be adjusted. I was first told by CS that there was a technical bulletin that covered this problem. When I asked to see it, I was told it didn't exist. All I want is for GM to tell me, in writing, that this is an acceptable situation. If they can't, or won't, do this then I have to believe that it is something that should be corrected and they should come up with a plan to correct the problem.
    I have a 2011 Buick Regal turbo last 8 of VIN B1041011. I am wanting to know the color temperature (K) for oem HID bulbs. I am wanting to buy fog lights that match the color of the HID headlights. Thanks.
    can someone please help me with my GPS concerns. The dealer inspected the car today and stated the gps is working the way it was designed. What is my next course of action? meeting with Zone rep? My problem is listed under 2012 lacrosse Bear442. Thanks
    Having the ifotainment system replaced on my 2011 lacrosse cxs because it eats cds, (warrenty item.) Is there a way to back up the content on the HDD first and then restore it to the new one? Will the dealer do this? thanks
    Please tell me what tire pressure is indicated on Tire Label Information for Allure/Lacrosse CX 2007. The tire size is 225/60R16. Here is the last eight of VIN 71222987.
    Thank you
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