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    SOLVED: 2003 Buick Century 3.1L bucking jumping when accelerating. NO CODE.

    Glad you found it. I've seen the twisted pair speed sensor wiring heat damaged behind the engine too. How do you like your VXdiag?
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    2000 Buick LeSabre Custom Aftermarket Head Unit

    The '03-'05 radio requires a command (specifically the Dash Interface Module - DIM) from the serial bus to power on. It also is VIN matched to some modules on the bus and does go LOCKED as soon as the ignition is turned to ON (ACCESSORY can be used for functional testing as the VIN check is not...
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    Torque Converter

    Since I mostly satisfy these requirements too (old, crazy, disabled, a smart a_s), I get really 'impatient' after one or two missteps from vendors/businesses. Sometimes they just aren't worth the trouble. I had not realized Monster Transmissions was located in "God's Waiting Room" aka Florida.
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    Is this a 3800 or a Northstar?
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    New here

    Welcome! The '65 Buick A-body is the most attractive of all of GM's A-bodies.
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    1986 Electra Park Ave will not start

    This is an '86 so it is distributorless. The OP said he changed coil packs which could be questionable with the parts situation today. Has this engine ever had the camshaft timing gear replaced? The 3.8 V6 (LN3) engine is notorious for the gear breaking (it is a nylon coated gear, same as light...
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    2006 Buick Lacrosse CXL Engine Knock w/ Air Conditioning On

    See if the rubber is breaking up on the harmonic balancer. You may even be able to see it wobbling or moving abnormally. Many a Buick V6 has been condemned for a bottom end failure because of the way the harmonic balancers fail.
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    Rusted rear trailing arm attachment .1995 Buick century

    I'm here too, but don't have any real input. Unfortunate damage.
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    Where Is The "Receiver" Any Details about it Please. 1998 PA

    You would need to see what part number matches which car line. I know some oddities are Aurora/Bonneville/LeSabre unique. I've looked at the 2002-05 cars so much, I'm not sure what it may share. Aurora's have the battery under the back seat, correct?
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    Where Is The "Receiver" Any Details about it Please. 1998 PA

    Your description is more accurately, mine is coming from the electronic's nerd side. There is a single I.C. contained in the RKE. When told to program by the Tech 2, the IC captures what ever ID identifies the remote transmitter. This is only stored in the lone I.C. of the RKE. The RKE can be...
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    Where Is The "Receiver" Any Details about it Please. 1998 PA

    The Tech 2 only programming of so many models from 2000-2005 was ridiculous. Since the OP was thinking of the module RKE module being black, he may have been thinking of his LeSabre. These do seem to be prone to quitting but coming back to life when unplugged and plugged in again. Not much to...
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    1992 Buick Park Ave extra radio wires?

    IIRC, cars that actually had the steering wheel radio control option, had more wires in this particular connector. Why cars without it still got the connector is a mystery to me, especially in car lines where it was an uncommon option. There isn't even a place for the connector to plug in on the...
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    1992 Buick Park Ave extra radio wires?

    That plug is there in various Buick car lines of the era and was related to steering wheel radio controls. Since I don't have steering wheel controls, I repurposed it (larger yellow rectangle) by using the 12 volts to turn on the auxiliary input, already designed in some radios (smaller yellow...
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    2020 Buick Enclave with 7 digit Sirius Radio-id

    That's really odd. I just checked my '05 and it is 8 alpha-numeric characters.
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    Help me with Ignition issues on 2006 LaSabre 3800 engine.

    What year is this really? Can't be an '06 LeSabre. The reason I ask is, does it have a plastic intake that has melted at the EGR pipe and flooded the intake with coolant?
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