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  • Where'd you get your opc wheels? I had looked around back in 2012 and 2013 and could only import them from Europe for a small fortune.
    Hey Don, I'm from the Eastside of Michigan and just got some winter tires and rims. The rims are 18s and don't clear the Brembos on the front. I see you have spacers in the back. I was wondering where you got them?
    Sorry you went to all that trouble. I have the "drop in" filter so I didn't have that issue.
    Hi there! I justed sign up,on the forum only to ask you a question on your installation of the k&n filter. Where did you plug the MAP sensor?? I just can't see it on the picture. The maf stays there but my map sensor is bolt to the top of the air box. Do i have to make a hole in the factory tube ? Thx a lot for your time.
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