Professional mechanic since 1997. Previously a MECP Master, ASE Master, ABYC and RVSA certified. Credited contributor on the MECP master manual and was contacted by Best Buy to also be a credited contributor to their study guide for the master manual.
I have built multiple SEMA and CES show winners and worked on cars valued from $10.00 to $3.7 million.
I own a side business, Little Dragon Racing transmissions, which specializes in stick shift transmission performance builds.
I have owned multiple race vehicles that have competed in drag racing, road course racing, and autocross.
I had the 600cc class record for Rocky Mountain Raceways for 1/4mile from 2002-2005 with a career best 10.9 at 128mph.
I was second place SCCA SM class for Utah from 2003-2006 with an all motor Dodge Neon that had 235whp all motor, no turbo, supercharger, or nitrous.
My wife's car is the Buick listed above and has been built to 400+whp and over 450ftlbs.
I daily drive a 8.1L big block suburban that is heavily modified and also has more than 450Hp and over 600ftlbs.
Southern Utah
Buick Ownership
2003 Park Avenue Ultra



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