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  1. 'Fuel range' indicator is wrong by hundreds of miles.

    New (different) problem. Maybe related? The stock radio will not store any preset stations.
  2. 'Fuel range' indicator is wrong by hundreds of miles.

    It was just fine. Recently drove it 1,800 miles cross-country on 93 octane to 'blow out the pipes.' The average and instant MPG readings all read correctly going off of what my 05 does. I've filled at 1/4 tank, 1/2 tank. Ran it highway, city, let it idle, not let it idle, etc. 'Fuel range'...
  3. 'Fuel range' indicator is wrong by hundreds of miles.

    I fill up the car with gas. The normal gas gauge reads fine, consistently. Then I click it to 'fuel range,' and with a full tank, it says I only have 114 miles to empty when actually it should read at least 100 miles more. Now, I know there are factors that can change the fuel range numbers...
  4. Buick LeSabre 2002 - Airbag light

    More than likely, a front ABS sensor. Corrosion kills them. Find a Dorman off ebay. Try not to buy used. Still about $100. Takes about 10 minutes to install.
  5. Whiff of coolant at start up

    2005 LeSabre 81k. When I start it up, I get a very slight whiff of coolant- maybe not coolant, but more like condensate water- almost like the smell when you turn on a window unit air conditioner in your home, and the front window fogs just a tiny bit- for about 10 seconds. It doesn't seem like...
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