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  1. Dr. Colorchip

    Since the weather has been horrible and I assume most of our bumpers, hoods, and mirrors are suffering from chips scrapes and dents I wanted to share a positive experience. Saturday the weather was amazing. So I clay bar'd the whole car and detailed her. I ordered Dr. Colorchip a couple...
  2. Who do I keep seeing...?

    One of my best friends lives in Detroit and my girlfriend lives in Windsor so I am up there every couple of weeks. Our cars are too salty each time to tell if it is black or BDT. I keep seeing a black GS on 75 outside of Detroit. Anyone on here?
  3. I need help from the Lowered guys!

    I am going to get springs as a gift to myself for Christmas. Per GTX's old thread on his lowering springs I went to the GNJ Motorsports website. Everything seems to be labeled correctly. I attached a link below, can anyone confirm or deny for me if this is the right make/model/part number...
  4. Thoughts on 20' GS Black PlastiDip on BDT

    Winter is coming up, and I have been on the fence about PlastiDipping the 20 inch wheels. It's not a life changing decision like removing a brain tumor. *it's not a TUUMAH! I have access to my dealer's lift and can do the wheels no problem. But I was curious on everyone's thoughts on...
  5. 3M Paint Defender

    Anyone given it a shot yet? Curious to see if any members had a good/bad experience with it.
  6. New BDT Regal GS

    Picked her up last week. Went in for my oil change on my '11 CXL. Saw them unloading the car, had to have it so I got it on the spot. :headbang: The paint just oozes win. She has all the bells and whistles. Absolutely love the car and everything it brings to the table. Aside from the aesthetic...
  7. Sub Woofers

    I know we had a handful of people either done or currently working on their audio upgrades; was curious if anyone had some updates or final pictures of the setups. I was originally not interested in upgrading. But after a lot of highway cruising…I might not mind a little bump here or there...
  8. 2011 Regal Euro Plate

    I have a carry over Europlate from my old car. Has anyone had any success with mounting a europlate? Either with a euro frame or clip on holder. Any pictures or success stories would be greatly appreciated. I cannot seem to find much of anything on BuickForums, RegalForums, or the net. Thank you.
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