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  1. Buick Encore LUV Engine Performance Thread

    I've been toying with the idea of this for my 2013. It has about 200K km (125K mi) on it but still seems pretty tight. Why did you go with the HP tune? Other owners have mention the Trifecta tunehttps://www.trifectaperformance.com/store/category/9-14l-turbo-luv/ and there is a German supplier...
  2. Continental tires

    Since I have to pay full pop for tires now, which tires did you get?
  3. Continental tires

    Thanks for getting back to me. I live in west end of GTA so a trip around the lake for tires is reasonable. I'm out of town until late Saturday but would be happy to arrange grabbing them from you after that.
  4. Continental tires

    Do you still have these? I'm at 190K on my 2013 and not sure I want to spend $900 for possibly only a year. Out of curiosity what did you replace them with?
  5. Spare tire subwoofer?

    You might want to look at this thread 12" Sub Woofer in Encore installed and pumping! I seem to recall another one where someone replaced the door speakers in a non bose, there was an issue with fitting them in an oval opening.
  6. 2018 Encore Armrest

    I was just in at the dealer and checked out a new Encore in the showroom - the armrest really doesn't seem much different compared to my 2013.
  7. Encore Performance Tune (no reflash needed)

    @Duhafnusa4 have you run this on the NA market Encore?
  8. Infotainment Center software/firmware upgrade?

    Unfortunately you have to book the dealer to do the update. I've had mine done twice but fortunately both were under warranty. The first time was because it kept rebooting and the second time when was when OnStar was upgraded to LTE.
  9. Power Steering assist causing pulling

    Just in case anyone else notices this, Yesterday I switched from my well worn OEM tires to my winter set and the dealer reported that the car steering was pulling - it didn't have that problem beforehand. They did an alignment and it was still pulling. After doing some research they came up...
  10. Winter wheels and tires ?

    There are more choices in mags to fit the Encore available now. I was able to pick up a set a of 18" mags to mount my snows on this year. These were $155CDN so overall I spent a lot more money than going with the smaller size but unless something drastic happens the next car will be an Encore...
  11. Intellilink Reboot

    I think I've seen this mentioned in another thread but has anyone else experienced a random reboot of the radio while driving? On Thursday night the screen suddenly went black, then the power-up sequence was displayed and then the now playing and it just continued playing from a USB device as if...
  12. Buyer's remorse - but for what I didn't get

    After seeing the pics around here with the chrome rims I think I'm sorry I did go that way. I'm also thinking that the basic sound system is a little flat. Even the dealer was surprised that the base model didn't have satellite radio in it. Having said that, love driving this thing. I went...
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