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  1. Mysterious coolant loss '99 Regal LS

    Did you ever replace the uim and LIM gaskets? I did this myself about 3 years ago. The original LIM gaskets came apart in my hands as I removed them. New gaskets. No more leaks.
  2. Engine swap ideas for 81 regal limited, v6 3.8l

    I agree with the above statements about pulling the v6 out and putting a 350 in. Most of the time when selling these cars buyers are looking for ones with a v8, not a v6.
  3. 98 regal won't start.

    Check to make sure the harness going to the ignition control module is tight. If it's a little loose that will give you a no start condition. Also, try to push the wires going into the harness. Could very well be one of them not making a good connection. The wires that enable the engine to...
  4. Wanted Ignition lock cover for 97 Buick Regal LS; please see pic

    Hello, Looking for just the ignition lock cover. Mine keeps falling out because of broken tabs. Key switch lock cylinder works fine. Maybe someone has replaced their ignition lock switch and has one of these on the old lock cylinder lying around. Willing to get a used lock cylinder assembly...
  5. Hello from Pembroke Pines, FL

    Hello, My name is George , down in Florida. Have a 97 Buick Regal LS. Original Jasper Green paint. Looking to correspond with other Buick owners.
  6. Where is the Orifice Tube on a 1999 Buick Regal?

    The orifice tube is located where where the two a/c lines are connected under the air intake duct going from the throttle body to the air cleaner. Need to remove the air cleaner, rotate the duct going to the throttle body up and that will get you the clearance you need to access the line...
  7. strange noise

    Check the a/c compressor. Could be making that noise.
  8. oil can looking warning lamp.

    On a 97 buick regal 's there an oil warning light on the left side of the instrument cluster. The symbol looks like an oil can. What is it signaling?
  9. 97 buick Regal LS, radiator hard to come out.

    Hello, Changing out the radiator on a 97 Buick Regal LS. Radiator is ready to come out. Nothing is in the way, hoses and trans lines are disconnected. The bottom of the radiator seems to be attached with rubber grommets to the bottom of the radiator core support on the car. I'm trying to...
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