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  1. Chevrolet MyLink comes to Buick, GMC in IntelliLink form

    This was originally posted by Sal Collaziano in another section, but i think a lot of folks missed it over here. Buick is introducing new technology to the Nav interface. It looks so much nicer than what we have now. I wonder if there would be a software upgrade we can get to have this...
  2. Unlocked Navigation and DVD player while driving!!

    Well I got tired of waiting on everybody else, and bit the bullet to purchase the PAC NU-GM3 Navigation Unlock Interface. InfiniteImp asked for a follow up on the results, so i went ahead and recorded a video. I bought it for 199 on and I got it installed for only 80 bucks in less...
  3. Is it possible to use a OEM HID assembly on a car that came with halogen lights?

    I want to try to find some HID adaptive headlights to replace my halogen assembly. Is that even possible to do this? I thought it was discussed before, but i couldnt find the thread so i may be wrong. Would it just be plug and play or does it require a whole different set of wiring? Thanks.
  4. Disable DRL's?

    Is there any way to disable the Daytime running lamps permanently besides pulling the fuse? I dont know if there is a setting im missing. I just hate driving around with ugly yellow halogens during the day. I cut them off manually but i want them permanently off for when i put my HID's in...
  5. Post pics of your Lacrosse!

    Ok so, ive been a member of this site for about a month or so now and it seems like some of you are afraid to post pictures. You should be proud of your beautiful cars. So, i decided to make this thread so we all can take a look. I'll go first.
  6. Temperature Gauge

    My 2010 Lacrosse has worked perfectly from day one. Ive noticed my temperature gauge doesnt rise to the middle. It only goes a notch our two below the middle. Anybody else experiencing this? I know better cooler than hot. I just want to make sure there isnt anything wrong with the gauge.
  7. Does anyone plan on doing any modifications to their car, appearance or performance?

    I know buick hasnt been the most modified car in the most recent years, but i know everybody here cant be just regular drivers. I just traded in my 2006 chevy impala for a 2010 Buick Lacrosse CXS and the impala forums has a crowd thats into modifications. Was wondering if anybody had any plans...
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