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  1. Po420 error code buick lesaber (2003)

    Usually a rotten egg smell is due to a rich mixture (unburnt fuel). Are there any codes or other issues?
  2. 'Fuel range' indicator is wrong by hundreds of miles.

    Was it calculating correctly and then stopped? Out of curiosity, what are the average and instant MPG readings? It should reset automatically, but wonder if resetting the avg MPG would recalculate the fuel range It's still possible to be a faulty gas sending unit, have you ever run the tank to...
  3. Clunking noise

    Also check for a broken stabilizer link.
  4. Need help interpreting OBDI codes for my 92 Lesabre

    Could be ignition issues that are triggering codes. Given the symptoms, have you replaced the wires and plugs? Also the ICM could be at fault since the problem appears when the engine gets hot. Electronic components can be fine when cold, but malfunction when hot.
  5. Stumped

    To confirm you cleared the code and it comes back? If yes, check the wiring and electrical connection at the EGR valve.
  6. 2005 Buick Lesabre misfire when the throttle is pushed hard

    If it feels like a momentary clunk/thump check the front engine/transmission mount.
  7. 2002 Lesabre no heat, engine at normal temp, coolant at proper level

    To ensure proper circulation,bleed the system of possible air. There's a bleed port on top of the thermostat water outlet.
  8. Please help: Removing rear view mirror from 'mounting button'

    IIRC (10 years later) he hit the mirror with a sledge hammer and used Gorilla glue
  9. 2002 Lesabre no heat, engine at normal temp, coolant at proper level

    Welcome. Could be low coolant or trapped air, are both heater hoses hot?
  10. 2005 Buick Lesabre misfire when the throttle is pushed hard

    Could be igntion related. Is maintenance up to date, specifically plugs and wires?
  11. 92 Lesabre has no acceleration after 60+ miles of driving.

    Disconnect the MAF sensor and see if driveabilty improves. Although you previously changed MAF sensor, it could fail especially if it's a noname generic replacement.
  12. Wheel Recommendations

    Be careful, in some States driving without a hubcap/wheel cover is not permitted since your "nuts" are exposed! Sorry, lame old joke but couldn't resist......
  13. 4t65e trans pan bolts, torque spec? Transmission oil pan bolts 10 ft.lbs. Plus others for future reference, enjoy!
  14. New water pump leaks at gasket

    I always use a metal gasket, with great results. No sealant is required and makes future replacement easier.
  15. New water pump leaks at gasket

    I would not tighten to much over spec, snapping a bolt would make me cry! Would not recommend removing and reusing the gasket, it may be damaged Did you thoroughly clean the mating surface? Is this a paper gasket or metal with sealing bead?
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