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  • I did see it thanks. I am not really in the market anymore. I have decided to keep my Camaro SS and maybe get a winter beater/econobox instead. In any case, I am DD an 02 Lesabre for the next 4-6 months. But thanks for the headsup! :D
    Not sure if you saw my post on your "not verano for me" thread but there are a few manual transmission Verano Turbos on the used car market. YahooAutos has one of the better searches for the Verano Premium. Last I saw near you there was a blue one in Iowa. Trina, the sales woman sent me a youtube video of the car. I think there maybe another one closer but can't remember. I just picked up the blue Premium in Elgin, Illinois. The car is very nice!

    Good luck!
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