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  1. Lowered GS..... finally!

    The springs are not the same, trustme on that one... I have the AWD springs on mine and it took some modifications to make it right. BTW, I stopped over to my H&R guy today and we are trying to find a way to approach our connection about buying multiple sets of the FWD springs for you guys...
  2. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Mine's a lease too... Once I hear the price I will post and then you all can make a final decision. I will keep you posted! I think I show 4 of you so far.
  3. Lowered GS..... finally!

    I just checked my connection to see if I could buy several sets for the guys here. The last set I used my connection for imported them for less than the cost of the springs in Europe alone. If anyone is interested, just say so and I will see if I can get them. I wouldn't ask anyone to pay...
  4. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Can't disagree with the ride aspect or the wheel choice... Thankfully the MRC is as easy as pushing a button.
  5. Lowered GS..... finally!

    I agree that no one should do what I did... But if you want 40 series tires and a softer ride, sounds like you should have bought a Regal Turbo, not a GS...
  6. Lowered GS..... finally!

    I'll try and get some other pics soon. My wife sync'd my phone last night and all the photos are gone from the phone (still have them on the home Mac). Give me a couple days and I'll get a couple more up. As far as I know, I'm the only one with the AWD springs as I believe everyone else runs...
  7. Lowered GS..... finally!

    I am actually running the AWD springs. When I ordered mine, we couldn't find the FWD w/active suspension part number. So when the springs came in we adapted the rears to work as the AWD car has pockets for the springs to sit in and the FWD has the little nubs to locate them. I machined up two...
  8. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Here is mine lowered on H&Rs with 20mm spacers too.
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