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    Order experience?

    Everything you mentioned requires either a hardware/wiring harness change, a BCM reprogram, or both. And someone (paid) to do it, unless you’re a GM Master Tech.
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    Where do I place my floor jack to change the fuel filter and back brakes?

    Dont know what year you’re talking about, but my 06 Pontiac has the same issue. It’s FWD, so I put the jack under the center attach point of the rear suspension. The exhaust pipe passes in that area; I lift just forward of it where the two rear lower control arms are connected.
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    Order experience?

    My dealer went as far as looking for one as a program car and came up empty (I suggested him to a friend who wanted me to sell mine to them). He said as far as new, he couldn’t find one in the U.S.
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    Unibody/Sheet metal punctures - how to seal/patch

    If it was an older car, I’d use POR-15 sealer on it. A newer car, I’d get out the MIG welder and a patch panel. A classic car, I’d fabricate a new section of metal, weld it in and seam seal it. And I’ve done all of those.
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    Code Reader with ABS and Transmission

    This one has been discussed on here in the past
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    Jumping belt tensioner - what to check

    That’s a scenario for “while I was in there” project creep if ever I heard one.
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    Jumping belt tensioner - what to check

    Not even the same brand, but an 89 Jeep with the 4.0 6-cylinder began eating serpentine belts. I changed the idler, then the tensioner. Nothing worked until someone told me to check the balancer (it was difficult to see directly). Sucker was 3/8” forward from original location. Hope your fix is...
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    Rattle after accelerating 2012 Regal gs 6spd

    You miiiiiiiiight wanna give us more information. What’s it sound like? Plasticky or metal to metal? Where is it located? Inside or outside the car? Did it come on gradually or suddenly? What, in particular, were you doing to the car when the alleged rattle started? Hard shifting? Braking...
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    Braking Bias (front vs rear force applied)

    I would suspect that the ABS module has something to do with that. Since the majority of the cars’ weight shifts forward during braking, the ABS system would need to compensate somehow to ensure “balanced“ braking occurs if it gets activated. Of course, I just got over two-weeks of COVID, so my...
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    Towing capacity
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    Wiper arm and cowling issues

    All I’ve ever done is use a socket on those. With it being bent over like that, it may be a problem moving it down. Chances are, it was always like that before heat fatigue affected it. If it’s only aesthetic, I’d leave it. I’ve broken more parts than I care to admit because I was “improving”...
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    gearbox no reverse on buick riviera 1979

    Look at it this way; you’re not buying the car because there are no alternatives, you’re buying it because you want a 1979 Riv. As with all classic cars, this one needs some attention to be more “perfect.” Not being driven for 10 years would also entail a change of every fluid, belt and hose...
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    HUD ?

    I was driving on an interstate when I noticed everyone was moving into the left lane. I signaled, merged into the left lane and my car abruptly stopped itself. Turned out, another person in front of the car I merged behind evidently thought you change lanes and brake check the truck behind you...
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    Leaking roof rails 2018 Encore

    I’d go another route; I’d seal it from the outside, but without silicone. That stuff doesn’t like UV rays. Clean the roof skin and rails like you’re gonna do surgery up there. Then I’d mask away from the bottom about 1/8” on the roof skin, and about 1/8” up on the side of the rail. Use 2” tape...
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    Moisture in taillights

    Not in mine, and it lives outdoors. Maybe it’s blinker fluid?;)
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