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    Vehicle button unclickable in settings

    It sounds like you may need to have a dealership manually reflash the system. If you're in a locked down mode, or demo mode, you likely won't be able to to "software update" from the cell network or wi-fi.
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    Spotted another TourX in the wild.

    It's very popular among GM employees!
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    LED fog lamps for 2018 TourX

    Just bought myself some yellow bulbs! I'll post pics once they're installed (probably next week)
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    TourX Road Noise

    Mine is relatively quiet, but for whatever reason it seems like the road noise coming off of my winter tires light up the cabin with noise. I had the same winter tires on my 2014 Regal Sedan, and only noticed a slight increase in road noise. Perhaps the ContiSilent tires really do help?
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    2018+ Regal Age Demographic (Poll)

    I'm 26, with a TourX. This is my second Regal (if you're not counting the 1998 GS that my sister and I shared when we were in high school). I previously had a 2014 Sedan, and traded it in as soon as I could to pick up a TourX. I love it for moving my bike and my girlfriends bike on weekend...
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    Little green gear in DIC

    I am not 100% positive about this but I think that it may be when PAS/PAL (performance algorithm shifting/liftfoot) is active. This is where the transmission will hold a lower gear to allow you to stay at a higher RPM band.
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    Regal Window Tint

    Usually they are tinted with the same visible light transmission as GM's SUV "privacy" glass. Not sure what that number is though.
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    Has anyone replace their Tourx wheels?

    @Strippers4Me The Cascada wheels look great!
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    Tourx - the good and the bad

    I believe that you can still launch the TourX in 3rd gear.
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    Rear Camera Calibration

    @bespinct Even though the camera's physical location is off center, the guide lines should be correct. I would take it to the dealer, as they may have to "re-learn" the camera's position or reflash the module.
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    Tesla Shooting Brake

    I dig the overall profile of the car, but that rear part of the chrome window surround trim... idk about all that
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    Front Suspension Noise - Looking for Similar Experience!

    @NEPAtourx I would suggest insisting that the service writer goes out for a drive with you so that you can show them the noise. Best of luck!!
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    Regal Window Tint

    @Buschb I definitely like my front windows being at 30%, but with that said... You will definitely notice an improvement in looks and in sun heat with 50% tint. a few posts up in the thread @Shadowdaddy showed his fronts at 50%, and I you still can barely see the lighter colored seats, granted...
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    Auto start-stop override module is now available!

    Stop/Start only happens if you are in "Drive"
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    Has anyone replace their Tourx wheels?

    @RoRi I'm excited to see how they look mounted!