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  1. JohnMC2010

    Android Auto Update - if you want it NOW

    The one thing that I dislike about the new AA so far is quickly picking a place to nav to from the home screen. As someone who has a terrible memory, my fiancee and I share a Google Calendar. With the old AA, it would pop up a little box on my home screen so i could very quickly click it and...
  2. JohnMC2010

    17"x7" Steel Snow Wheels

    I previously owned a 2014 Regal sedan. I was hoping that my old 17" steelies with Blizzaks would fit... I was rudely awoken with the change in bolt pattern going from the E1xx to the E2xx platform! Wish I could have kept my steelies as they're easier to repair etc, etc. in a pothole ridden state...
  3. JohnMC2010

    Android Auto and automatic launch

    As far as I'm aware, there is not a way to have MyLink automatically display AA upon plug in. I'd be interested to see if anyone else knows better. I do know that in AA, there is the ability to have it auto-launch so that it opens the app (to do this open AA on your phone, click the "hamburger"...
  4. JohnMC2010

    TourX Roof Rack

    @lazinskm It has a rubber lined clamp which clamps around the rail (which is incredibly sturdier than I thought it'd be). The clamp sticks out no more than an inch from the rail, and I have the 50 inch bar, so it sticks out maybe 4" on each side from the tower.
  5. JohnMC2010

    TourX Roof Rack

    @lazinskm Here's a picture of a 10' 4x4 on my roof rack. And yes, I have that one, but in the brushed aluminum color.
  6. JohnMC2010

    TourX Roof Rack

    @wdk47 - I love my roof rack so far! I only use it for carrying my road bike, so nothing too heavy, but i love the low profile, and all of the hardware that comes along with it is high quality. At this link, It looks like Thule has the TourX on their "fit my car" list now, so it should make...
  7. JohnMC2010


    @HotwheelHTH Did you try it yet? It's so infuriating how useless the stock visors are in the side window
  8. JohnMC2010

    Vehicle button unclickable in settings

    It sounds like you may need to have a dealership manually reflash the system. If you're in a locked down mode, or demo mode, you likely won't be able to to "software update" from the cell network or wi-fi.
  9. JohnMC2010

    Spotted another TourX in the wild.

    It's very popular among GM employees!
  10. JohnMC2010

    LED fog lamps for 2018 TourX

    Just bought myself some yellow bulbs! I'll post pics once they're installed (probably next week)
  11. JohnMC2010

    TourX Road Noise

    Mine is relatively quiet, but for whatever reason it seems like the road noise coming off of my winter tires light up the cabin with noise. I had the same winter tires on my 2014 Regal Sedan, and only noticed a slight increase in road noise. Perhaps the ContiSilent tires really do help?
  12. JohnMC2010

    2018+ Regal Age Demographic (Poll)

    I'm 26, with a TourX. This is my second Regal (if you're not counting the 1998 GS that my sister and I shared when we were in high school). I previously had a 2014 Sedan, and traded it in as soon as I could to pick up a TourX. I love it for moving my bike and my girlfriends bike on weekend...
  13. JohnMC2010

    Little green gear in DIC

    I am not 100% positive about this but I think that it may be when PAS/PAL (performance algorithm shifting/liftfoot) is active. This is where the transmission will hold a lower gear to allow you to stay at a higher RPM band.
  14. JohnMC2010

    Regal Window Tint

    Usually they are tinted with the same visible light transmission as GM's SUV "privacy" glass. Not sure what that number is though.
  15. JohnMC2010

    Has anyone replace their Tourx wheels?

    @Strippers4Me The Cascada wheels look great!
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