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    Show us your best shot

    My neck is bothering me. :)
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    i could use a detailed repair manual on 1967 riv.
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    71 Skylark oil pan

    TA is working on an HP oil pan for the 350, but that may be a ways off. If you join over at you will have no problem finding a used one in Parts Wanted.
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    65 skylark convertible

    This what you really need, cheap because it's worn, but it looks all there...
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    65 skylark convertible

    You need to post a picture. Also, head over to Lots of very knowledgeable guys over there specific to 60's and 70's Buick cars.
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    1969 Buick Skylark coolant bottle replacement? My bottle is leaking

    You can probably find some used ones over at They won't be as pretty, but they won't leak either. The Olds unit might not fit the Buick fender well area.
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    How to remove hose on intake?

    You're Welcome.
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    1998 Riviera stalls at low speeds (highway speeds no issues)

    The crank sensor requires that the harmonic balancer be removed. Then it's a simple bolt on bolt off. You'll need a balancer puller to get it off. The MAF can be checked with a scan tool. The MAF tells the computer how much air is entering the engine, and the computer uses that information...
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    Removing 96 Riviera front seats

    Ask over at Riviera Performance That entire site is for 95-99 Riviera. Someone over there will know.
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    Wiring for power seats

    You'll need an 84 Chassis Manual for that. They come up on EBay. This one is too much, I have seen them for more reasonable prices,
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    1998 Riviera stalls at low speeds (highway speeds no issues)

    Crank sensor can do that as well. I would not replace the fuel pump, I would monitor fuel pressure and see what it does when stalling. Usually fuel problems manifest as a slow stall, not instant like ignition. A crank sensor will not light the CEL.
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    Cam problems

    Maybe it isn't machined correctly. Back to Comp cams.
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    Cam problems

    So you are saying the cam goes in too deep and the lifter faces DO NOT align with the lobes? How does it compare to the cam you took out, appearance wise, length?
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    Cam problems

    What engine?
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    i could use a detailed repair manual on 1967 riv.

    You can easily get the manual from a number of places, Oh, and a 2bbl carburetor is NOT stock on a 1967 Riviera. The stock engine is a 430 with a Quadrajet. Some later 455's might...
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