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  1. Lucerne is on fire!

    We are selling the Lucernes as fast as they are coming in! We sold over 50 in March and it is the CXL V-6 that is selling. Everyone that has bought one has been extreamly happy with the car and the ride. :)
  2. Rendezvous for 2007?

    Here something Buick sent us this week. Rendezvous ... at the end of the 2006 model year, Rendezvous will discontinue the AWD model and will also discontinue the LY7 (3.6 VVT) engine. The FWD model with the LX9 (3.5L) engine will remain for 2007.
  3. Customizing Park Ave

    Here is a 2005 Park Ave we have added some aftermarket items to it. Chrome rocker and pillar panels, custom wheels and a sim-con top.
  4. Lucerne's shipped from factory

    The Lucernes have started shipping from the factory late last week. Liberty Buick in Peoria AZ will have one to drive Tuesday afternoon 11/8 thru Saturday 11/12, it is a GM Employees car, not for sale yet, but reservations can be made on inbound units at that time. Contact Mike Dobbins if you...
  5. Lucerne Super

    There will be a new model of the Lucerne for 2007 called the Super. It will have a new grille, ground effect styling and larger wheels. They will also come out with a LaCrosse Super as well then. Sorry no camera's were allowed, so I could not get a picture.
  6. Lucerne on Martha Stewart-The Apprentice

    Tune in every Wednesday, (9 pm EST/8 pm CST)-new time beginning 10/5-on NBC to watch The Apprentice: Martha Stewart show. Though Buick's episode will air on November 23, be sure to tune in to now to see how this platform will be used to launch the Buick Lucerne. When they did this on Trumps...
  7. 98 Buick Regal GS

    The car will run with it off, but it will not be good on the engine as the blower also is the intake for air to the engine. You could drive it to get the belt, but I would not drive it much farther, it will damage it. It would also ruin the supercharger in time as well.
  8. Chrom GM Badge

    I was thinking of getting a set for my 96 Regal. They are cool looking.
  9. Chrom GM Badge

    Yes, they are in dealers parts depts. now.
  10. Chrom GM Badge

    It is a part you can buy from your Part Dept. and stick on any car, it will come with the double stick foam tape. Part #15223484 List $4.75
  11. 2006 Buick Warranty

    Lucerne buyers will get Directions and Connections as well, buy for a lot less than buying a Caddy.
  12. Chrom GM Badge

    GM Chrome Badge Here is a couple picture of the chrome GM Badge on a 2006 Buick Terraza.
  13. Picture of Lucerne in Arizona

    Here are a few pictures of the Lucerne we have on display at Liberty Buick in Peoria, AZ 6/28-6/30
  14. Make way for 3900? R.I.P. 3800?

    The 3800 will be the standard engine in the Lucerne, so it will be around for a while. Why fix something thats not broke, that engine gets great gas mileage, tell me one car as big as the Park Ave. that gets 29 mpg on the hwy? You might want to check J.D Powers and you will find the Buick is...
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