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    Transmission issue?

    Pressure plate? Clutch? I thought it was an Automatic.
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    2003 buick lesabre custom

    That's quite a big job either way. I'm just curious as to why the engine is being replaced.
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    Best headlight upgrade

    Take a good look at the ad. They look like they will fit. Side by side comparison looks good. I just ordered a set.
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    P1811 Code

    How's your head today T-bone? Everything okay?:D
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    Best headlight upgrade

    Here's an LED bulb set that might interest you.
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    Best headlight upgrade

    Yowsa boss....u the man :ROFLMAO:
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    Best headlight upgrade

    Funny how when you question me it's okay but when I question you it's a problem. You're not the "end all" and "be all" here but you certainly act like it.
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    2006 Lacrosse for sale.

    How much are they asking for it?
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    Noise when car in reverse

    You may have a broken exhaust hanger. Get it up on a lift for a thorough inspection of the exhaust.
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    Best headlight upgrade

    I prefer OEM if possible that's why. By the way the pristine used ones usually come with bulbs so they're good to have as spares. Aftermarket units may not hold up in the long run. You do you, I know what works for me.
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    Best headlight upgrade

    I have had very good luck on Ebay with used headlights. I replaced both of my lights on my 1997 Olds 88 for about 40-50 bucks apiece from a junkyard in the Pacific Northwest. I just make sure to view the pictures closely and haven't been disappointed yet. No need to buy NEW. I always look at the...
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    Recently purchased Buick Lucerne 2006 150k miles, now having alot of problems should I fix it or move on?

    That's why I buy them clean because I don't do body work. If something mechanical goes wrong I can usually fix it. These cars are very solid platforms and parts are very reasonable If you know what to look for. Although I have a subscription to AllData I find that most things can be accomplished...
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    151500 Miles and Still going strong

    I just couldn't understand why you would sell something that is sorted out especially if you had a lower mileage car as a potential back-up. The 3800 at 151k miles has plenty of life left in it. When I read of some of the issues that some of these current model Buicks have I cringe. As far as...
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    P1811 Code

    Warmer.....that's the point. ;)
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    Seeking insight on AC recharge for 2003 LeSabre...

    Please look at post #8 again which is the OP's response to my post #7. He doesn't know how to determine if the clutch engages. Not quite sure if he knows what or where the compressor is.
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