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    My Advice on the Buick Verano!!!

    Oil Consumption, Timing Chain, Transmission Torque Converter Seal, Transmission 3, 5, Rev Wave Plate Braking, Intake & Exhaust Solenoids, Infotainment Radio Replacement, Blower Motor, Third Brake Light Out, Center Wheel Caps Peeling, Door Check Replacements. All these I have listed are the #1...
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    BEWARE: Engine Replaced due to Excessive Oil Consumption Issue

    My old post from 2016: I Warned People!!! My 2012 Buick Verano Premium 2.4L has been experiencing oil consumption just a little before the 10,000 km mark. I have been always cautious about it, but would always just top up. Now as of early September 2016, I enrolled the vehicle in the GM Oil...
  3. Maverick7

    verano stalling randomly w/ service power steering light on

    Let me know if the issue went away after or is still present after installation. I have the Dealership Buick Verano service manual for this vehicle. I'm having a look through. This manual is literally the Bible for the Verano.
  4. Maverick7

    verano stalling randomly w/ service power steering light on

    Part #13363864..... Negative battery cable needs replacement. You can find this issue all over youtube with the Chevy Cruze's, and other GM models. Easy fix, the dealership will tell you they can't duplicate the problem but have a look on youtube.
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    Verano 2.0L

    To my knowledge, no. But what ever procedure you have to do to one side, might be the same for the other with dual exhaust
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    Verano 2.0L

    These video's are interesting if your thinking about it and could possibly give you more answers if it can be done visually!!!
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    Thinking about buying a 2014 Buick verano

    Well the best thing you can do to make a better decision is to read through the Verano forum and that should give you a better understanding of the good and the bad of this vehicle.
  8. Maverick7

    Thinking about buying a 2014 Buick verano

    Well I can tell ya, get the maintenance records if possible. This vehicle has issues just like any other vehicle. knowing the history will tell you how much money your gonna have to spend to get it up to par. Second, if you do buy, monitor the oil as this engine has oil consumption issues...
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    2013 Buick Verano Codes. Check engine light on

    Did you recently change your engine air filter? If so and you happened to disconnect the (Map) Sensor to remove the filter easier, it will trip these codes sometimes if not connected back correctly. The (IAT) Intake Air Temperature Sensor Wiring is connected to the (MAP) Sensor in that harness...
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    Yes, all Verano's do it. It's like a one second click noise which can be felt through the pedal, nothing to worry about as it has something to do with the electronics engaging in the vehicles throttle. I can't remember exactly what a GM technician told me years ago, someone else might explain it...
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    The Insignia in the Verano grill?

    This is the link to the Manufacturer: Available in Chrome or Black Ice. I've attached installation instructions so you can have an idea step by step for the verano. I paid a dealership to install mine few years ago. E&G Classics
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    The Insignia in the Verano grill?

    The new emblem does come in those colours but the last model year for the Verano was in 2017 and that only came in the standard chrome. As for fit, the new Enclave, Encore, Envision, and Regal etc come with the new badge tri-colours and probably will not fit the center waterfall grill of the...
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    Transmission fluid type aw1???

    Just a side note, people should change the fluid on these 6T40 transmissions every 50,000 Km or 30,000 Miles with a better brand of full synthetic fluid as talking to a lot of transmission shops and dealers I was told some of these transmissions "hit or miss" are not built well and they are...