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  1. High Mount Stop Light (3rd Brake Light)

    Reviving a 9 month old Post, but this needs to be addressed and hopefully brought to GM's attention. My 2012 Verano has the same issue with the 3rd brake light. Of course it started almost immediately after the warranty expired. It's things like this that turns me off of Buick. I've already...
  2. Verano Strut Bar and Cold Air Intake?

    I'm wanting to do the same thing. Do you think Chevy Cruze parts are interchangeable/compatible?
  3. GM's Horrible DRL/headlight idea

    I'm just Spit-Balling here(and I'm tired), so bare with me... I've been thinking lately about the Verano's combined DRL/Headlights and wondered if anyone else has thought about this..... Since the Buick Verano uses its headlights as Daytime Running Lights, that means the headlights are always...
  4. "Reduced Engine Power/Service Stabilitrak"

    I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen before......I started my 2012 Verano(non-T) to head home (50 miles away) after work yesterday and when I pulled out of the driveway, my Check Engine Light was one as well as "Reduced Engine Power" and "Service Stabilitrak" messages on my...
  5. Radio trim

    Can someone tell me how to remove the silver trim around the screen/radio/climate control? I've googled & searched, but couldn't find anything. Thanks.
  6. Replacement key & remote?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a "Switchblade" style Flip Key that works with an Enclave? My Verano has a flip key and my wife would like one for her 2012 Enclave Premium
  7. Bluetooth Headphones?

    My wife just bought herself a 2012 Enclave Premium, and I have a question about the Bluetooth headphones. It came with the Flip Down dvd player, but it's missing the remote and headphones. My question is, Would I be able to use/connect any type of "Bluetooth Headphones"? i.e. Beats by dre, Bose...
  8. Factory Build Sheet?

    Does anyone know where to get the Factory Build Sheet (for free)? I want to get the build sheets for my wife's Enclave and my Verano.
  9. Radio Trim Removal?

    Can anyone tell me how to go about removing the trim around the radio/surrounding area? I want to run some wires behind the trim pieces for my Escort Radar Detector among other things. I know I could just plug them in and whatnot, but I prefer to hide my wires so I not only have less mess, but...
  10. Sunglasses compartment/overhead console?

    Do they make a sunglasses compartment and/or an overhead compartment for the Verano?
  11. My Verano has ruined me for anything else.....

    Well, my Verano is finally in the body shop getting repaired after getting rear ended in December. Adding insult to injury, I'm driving a Chevy Malibu base model loaner car. I can safely say that after owning a Buick, it's hard to drive anything else. It's noisy inside, it feels unstable, and...
  12. HID headlights flickering/strobing?

    I installed HID's on my 2012 Verano today. I got everything hooked up, tested each light by turning it on from the switch without the engine running and everything looked good. But when I started my car to double check everything, both headlights were flickering/strobing. Am I missing something...
  13. 2012 Verano Base Radio Software Info?

    Can anyone tell me how to see if I have the most current software update? Or at least tell me what the current "Software Version" is? The first one listed in my menu screen says "Version OC.07.33", but does not say when it was last updated.
  14. Where should I go for repairs?

    I'm trying to figure out where I want to take my 2012 Verano to be repaired after being rear ended and was hoping for some input...... Since everything will be paid for by the "At Fault Driver's" Insurance, would I be better off taking it to an actual "Buick Collision Center"?
  15. Adding Rear Speakers?

    I have a couple questions about adding some aftermarket speakers in my 2012 Verano (without the Bose System). I was looking in my trunk and noticed that there are 2 empty spots in my rear deck lid that look like they can hold a couple 6x9's.(I assume they're for the Bose Option) My questions...
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