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  1. 1.3 l w/turbo can I use aftermarket turbos

    Let's not even get into the 27 billion dollar company and security detail comments.
  2. 1.3 l w/turbo can I use aftermarket turbos

    Modern ECU's don't have a replaceable chip, they have to be reflashed and you wont get 69 HP. Your engine if you closely look is probably already being fed cold air so K&N wont give you 10 to 15 HP. You have clearance for 285/45x18? Stock is only 225/55x18.
  3. ASS went away?

    Should be 4 years bumper to bumper, check with the dealer.
  4. Hands Free?

    Thought you meant the symbol on the wheel👍
  5. Hands Free?

    Sorry, turns off cruise control, page 192.
  6. Hands Free?

    It turns off cruise control, page 192 of owners manual. The button on the upper right showing a talking head is to turn on hands free requests.
  7. Riviera T-Type Convertible

    Concerning the gearing, did you look at the responses in your other thread?
  8. 67 gs

    Welcome to the forum, great looking car.
  9. My buick

    Open the MyBuick app Press Keyfob Press Engine, Start Salesperson should have explained app and how long you have the OnStar subscription required for it to work.
  10. Electrical vibration/buzz while off

    I have a 2017 Regal and it does the same thing since it was purchased without any negative consequences. Other than the noise do you have any issues with the car?
  11. Battery light on after 30 seconds

    You need a diagnostic tool such as a Tech 2 to see what is going on.
  12. 1990 PA Engine bucks at full throttle prior to downshift

    I think it is the better way rather than start modifying things.
  13. Door switch wiring?

    look at the door latch to see if the switch is part of it
  14. No crank No start after camshaft solenoid replacement

    what is a "north start gam", a voltmeter? did you disconnect the battery before replacing the solenoids? did you check the battery terminal connections? did you recheck the connections to the solenoids to see if you broke a wire? did you scan for codes?
  15. My lights have a life of Their Own

    Is there any pattern as to how soon after you turn off and lock the car that the lights come back on?
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