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  • Hi Roblox84, Sorry, I just saw this. If you can afford it, get the extra set. This car (All wheel drive) is awesome in the snow, then throw snow tires on it, forget about it. It's almost as good as my 4X4 RAM 1500. After 3 winters, my rims are starting to pit. Which means I'll be plasti dipping them this summer. I'm just not finding that "All Season" tires are that good in snow. Around here (Michigan) our roads are horrible, I'd never drive around in the winter with 20" wheels. With the 18" wheels, you can tell a difference in the ride. Plus the extra side wall absorbs the road better than my 19's.
    Hey there, I just wanted to know how that winter setup is working out on your regal gs? I bought a 2014 Regal GS and I’m currently using the stock summer tires and they are pretty bad so I’m possibly looking to getting a winter setup like yours.

    Problem is what I am currently finding is very expensive so I’m debating if I should spend almost $1500 on an entire new rim/tire package or just go with an all season tire on my current 20” factory rims.
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