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  • It was about 290 hp and 350+ lb-ft of torque. Plenty fast! I made the 3" intake that took fresh air from the front fender area.
    Just wondering where you ordered the parts for the Verano, and also have you done any other upgrades and one more thing, what kind of horsepower are you pushing now?
    Probably the diesel-like torque at 60 mph and 1,700 rpms for the manual transmission. Increase the tire pressures to low 40's psi to lower rolling resistance and a smooth throttle over 52 miles of highway on the way to work. The car had 6,000 miles when I picked it up so was well broken in.
    Hey norm, I saw that your signature had a verano turbo that got 44mpg at 60mph? That's amazing! How do you achieve that? lower gear ratio in 6th gear?
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