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  1. check engine

    cab it be...for a few minutes i start my PA and get some misfire. after a second attempt it runs perfect. ???
  2. check engine

    the thrill goes on.... now i have changed the EGR-valve too, its the same. if i start driving my car the check engine light comes without any system and shines, till the next time i turn the engine off. when i turn the key to on without the engine is running and i check the car with my actron...
  3. check engine

    i thought the OBD 1.5 System means thats is inside the ECM OBD 1 with an OBD 2 connector, therefour i thought its possible to jump it. but however now i dont have any failure code. and the check engine light dont flashes everytime, but now i dont driver longer ranges. i have recognise my exhaust...
  4. check engine

    its an OBD 1.5, thats an OBD 1 system with an OBD II connector, but i dont know which pins i must connect with the paperclip to read it out. yes i think, there are not so much. and if not i will get an failure code.
  5. check engine

    the light dont flash, it shines. it shines without system if i drive the car, and if i turn it off it goes out. if i start the engine once again and drive the lamp is off, but comes sometime.
  6. check engine

    now i have renew the MAF Sensor. if i drive the car the check engine light is coming on and of however it like, but without any readable failure code.
  7. check engine

    the check engine light comes again, now with the failure code P0640, somebody have an idea?
  8. check engine

    now i have renew the neutral-safety switch sensor/range sensor and the failure code P 0705 is gone. if the check engine light comes again i will see, and report.
  9. check engine

    can it be......the code P0705 Comes up, if i check the OBD System with running engine? yesterday i scan the System without flashing check engine-bulp, the code is still there. if i turn the engine of, the codes doesnt exist. but i can not scan the System without running engine, everytime when i...
  10. check engine

    yesterday the check engine lamps flash on. i keep the engine running, because if i turn it off the engine-light is going off. i connect my actron 9690 scanner with the car, and get the failure code P 0705. i delete it, and since this time no check engine light. whats about that?
  11. check engine

    the check engine light at the dashbord sometimes going on and of. ignition coils and ICM are new. what can it be. EGR-valve or O2-sensor?
  12. First and Last

    i think the vehicles from GM are normaly cheap, dependable, endure a lot and forgive a lot. the parts are normaly cheap and available worldwide. i had got some japanese and italian cars, the are finicky, sometimes technically complicated, and the parts are sometimes incredible expensive.
  13. A/C clutch

    Today i change the new high pressure switch at the compressor into my old one......the ac works perfekt, i have bought a new but damaged switch .....
  14. First and Last

    You think europeans are better?
  15. Looking for workshop manual for 1992 Buick Park Avenue

    Look at
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