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  1. MPGs improving?

    This question goes out to those of you who've had your LaCrosses for a while now and I'm wondering if your fuel milage has improved since you got it. Any significant increase once your car got broke in and if so about when did that happen? Coming June 1st the car will be 1 year old but I only...
  2. Interesting car 'apps' or features being introduced

    An interesting article on new features being added to new cars. Click.
  3. Excellent dealership serice

    Just got back from the dealership for my second oil change and I'm really impressed with the service. Besides the usual items they even vacuumed out the air cleaner box, power washed the oil dribbles off the under carriage and wiped off any finger prints on the hood. Everyone was polite, called...
  4. Do you have a spare tire?

    I was just reading an article where more than 10% of new cars don't come with a jack and spare - LaCrosse included. Instead some manufactures are opting to replace the spare with a tire sealant and compressor kit. What came with your new LaCrosse?
  5. E-assist naked:

    Perhaps you've seen this but if not here's a good explanation[/url] on the Lacrosse e-assist. Clicky
  6. Merry Christmas Everyone

    I hope everyone here has a good holiday and safe travels whether it be in your Lacrosse or otherwise. Talk to you guys next week. :) Edited to add: Oh and if you get a new Lacrosse as a stocking stuffer post some pics. (and of the guy who donated the stocking too. :D)
  7. What color is your LaCrosse?

    Just for grins. I know this poll doesn't include past colours but I don't have that information.
  8. Sellers Auto Sport Technology Package for your 2010+ Lacrosse!

    Warranty is from the manufacturer not the dealership thus my concern.
  9. Sellers Auto Sport Technology Package for your 2010+ Lacrosse!

    So seeing how the warranty question has been ignored twice I guess we can assume this modification could void the warranty.
  10. Sellers Auto Sport Technology Package for your 2010+ Lacrosse!

    As mentioned what does this get attached/installed to? Again, will installing this thing affect the warranty? Also you say it's done in house but where is that? Your profile doesn't indicate where you are located.
  11. Lacrosse eAssist technical explanation.

    For those interested in a more in-depth technical explanation of how the eAssist system works please click here.
  12. Do you have a trunk pass through?

    Just curious who has the trunk pass through. I've noticed several marketing photos showing trunk pass throughs but my 2011 doesn't have it. Is the omission a Canadian thing?
  13. New Nav Disc for 2010-2012 LaCrosse

    Yes, understandably I'm quite interested in knowing this as well. Any information would be most helpful. Thank you in advance. Update: i should add that I've contacted the GM nav disc center via email but have not received a reply.
  14. Bulb replacement with LED

    So our new Lacrosses have LED tail/brake lamps but no LED backup, signal, and licence plate lamps. Anyone here change theirs out to LEDs?
  15. Buick 2011 September Sales Numbers

    What were the previous months sales figures for the LaCrosse? A one month dip is hardly a trend.
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