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  1. wipers won't shut off

    I had the same problem. 04 lesabre. They disconnected the rainsense , which is a wire that runs by the mirror.
  2. Service Engine light

    Omative, How 'd the scanner work?
  3. tranny

    Still got the hard shifts. Trying to arrange getting the kit put in. Any tips on installation?
  4. tranny

    I'll probably do that eventually, thanks for all the help. I had no clue about this.
  5. tranny

    Is hard shifting due to slippage?
  6. tranny

    I know this is dissapointing, but I took my car to the mechanic. He dove it 60 miles and said he didn't experience hard shifting. I told him to put Lucas conditioner in , and when I picked up the car, he had put Lucas stop slip in. I was somewhat dissapointed, but he said it was a good choice. I...
  7. Service Engine light

    launch C reader cr 319 obd2. works good , but cheap
  8. Tranny fluid for1995 regal

    Can you use dexron vI in the 1995?Thanks!
  9. tranny

    Would flushing the tranny and changing the fluid, clean out the solenoid? I'm not sure my mechanic could do the shift kit.
  10. tranny

  11. tranny

    If there was no code, is it still probably the solenoid, or could it be a sensor or modulator or something else?
  12. tranny

    Make sure if you use it to remove how much fluid you're gonna replace it with, don't want to over fill! Ok
  13. tranny

    If you go read amazon reviews for the conditioner they are basically all positive, people say it improves the shifting if there is slight slipping or harsher than normal shifts. The Lucas stop slip is harder on the transmission because it's got more viscosity so on amazon there's some negative...
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