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  1. Engine codes

    The code readout said Bank 1 Sensor B..... Bank 1 is Exhaust side (front of vehicle) right? But where or what is Sensor B?
  2. Engine codes

    I understand the 17 code is the crankshaft sensor and the camshaft sensor. Is the a way to check sensors with the multi meter?
  3. Engine codes

    I will check oxygen sensor with multi meter. Hopefully thats all it is, by the way where is sensor for Bank 1 located?
  4. Engine codes

    I have a 2010 Lacrosse with the 3.0L. My engine light is on. I had it scanned at AutoZone today they came up with a P0017 AND P0420. He said I should have a diagnostic run on it to see what is going on. The code P0420 is the more common for engine light, right? Is there a way to fix this...
  5. Engine light

    OK, I will. I didn't know the codes would be stored. I thought I had to catch it when it was acting up. Thanks
  6. Engine light

    I have a 2010 Lacrosse with the 3.0L. The engine light has been coming on, then, when I am ready to have it checked out at AutoZone, it goes away. Then a day or so later it comes on again. I think this is kinda weird . What could it be?
  7. Spark plugs

    I tackled the job and found it was pretty easy. Just took little time to disconnect all the hose clamps, etc. but they were easy. I cleaned up the gasket, manifold and block. Put it all back together and I am glad I did because the plugs needed changing. The video on Youtube by Marc Lebret...
  8. Spark plugs

  9. Spark plugs

    I have a 2010 Lacrosse with the 3.0L. Its time to change plugs, can I get to the back plugs without taking the intake manifold off. It looks like at least 2 are possible but the third one is behind the throttle body. If that comes off, is it possible to get to the plug? Can't find much on...
  10. What does it mean?

    Thanks for the info. The wife is out driving it now , so it should be fine when she gets back.
  11. What does it mean?

    I disconnected the battery on my 2010 Lacrosse, an now it says CAL on the dash. Is that referring to the TPS system since I might have lost the pressure readings on the tires when the battery was disconnect?
  12. rubber squeak in the steering

    On my 2010 Buick LaCrosse there is a rubber squeak in the steering. Mechanic and I thought it was coming from the top of the strut on the passenger side. Struts were replaced with Monroe Quick Struts but the noise is still there when I turn the steering wheel. He took the struts out again and...
  13. Traction control on 2010 Lacrosse

    Should the traction control be on when driving on ice/slushy roads.
  14. Weird feeling

    I have a 2010 Lacrosse, and when going down the road at times it feels like the vehicle is on ice. Its sort of a helpless feeling. What could this be ? Bad or weak struts? Sway bar links? Don't know what to look for, any ideas??
  15. Torque specs

    What is the torque spec for the axle nut on a 2010 Lacrosse. I can find 184 ft/lbs but that seems like a lot. Any other numbers out there?