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  1. Vent Shade 19260737

    I know. I have seen that on a lot of sites. How many times have you gotten something that say will fit or "bolt on" and you need to modify them. I was hoping to get feedback from someone that has them to let me know how they fit. Thanks for answering this post.
  2. Vent Shade 19260737

    Would anyone happen to know if the vent shades with the part # 19260737 will fit a 2012 GS with no issues? I am thinking about getting them and I hope someone could give me some feedback on them. Thanks in advance everyone!
  3. My Regal 2012 GS on YouTube & Social Media

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share my links to my social media pages so you can see what is going on with my 2012 Regal GS and mods that I have done and plan on doing. Please show your support by following me on Twitter and Instagram and subscribing to my YouTube channel! Thank you in advance...
  4. Should I wrap the cold side of my ntercooler?

    I am thinking about wrapping the cold side of my intercooler. Wondering if anyone has done this and done it to the stock charge pipe. Let me know what I should use. I have seen some videos and people have used the gold tape and I don't like the the look. Thanks for your feedback.
  5. Whats the best charge pipe heat wrap?

    Hi All, I have been looking and I see that there are some out there wrapping the charge pipe from the turbo to the cooler and from there to the intake. I plan on doing this on my GS and posting videos on my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/HyperXprojects [check out some of my...
  6. Catch Can Install?

    Hi Everyone! Happy New Year and I hope that your Holiday's were wonderful! Quick question... Oil catch can on the 2012 GS - LHU engine. Should I or shouldn't I? What are the MAJOR Pros and Cons for such an install? I have been seeing a lot of buzz about this. If it is a must do, what brand...
  7. Rattle / knocking noise in normal mode - No noise in GS mode!

    Ok, first let me say sorry for asking the same question again if this has been asked. I tried the search and I get a ton of results to sift through and the answers have been inconclusive. A few weeks ago I went in to the dealer to have the intermediate flex pipe replace (it had cracked at the...
  8. Is Your Flex Cracked?

    A few weeks ago I started to notice that the exhaust was getting a bit noisy from under the car and I could smell exhaust from time to time. I took the car in to the dealer and found out that I was not crazy - there was a leak and I was thinking that an exhaust gasket was blown but I was told...
  9. Unnecessary Weight

    Since I am one of the lucky few that has the "fix a flat" option and not a full spare in the boot - what other things can I remove to shed some weight? I have removed the plastic engine cover and the hood padding. Any other things that can be pulled? I know when I had my GTP the 3800 still had...
  10. 2012 Regal GS turbo manufacturer(s)

    Hello All! I have tried to search and I get way too many hits to find the simple answer and that is: Who is the manufacturer(s) of the stock turbo in the 2012 version of the GS with the LHU engine? :confused: Thanks All!
  11. GS Tire(s) Need to go!

    Hello All! Last month I went in to the dealer for service and inspection and my current tires Hankook Ventus V4ES passed inspection and one of them had a nail. When the dealer went to repair it the destroyed the tire and replaced it with a NEW Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2. Now I have a "one off"...
  12. Slippery Peddles!

    ok, I had some time over the weekend to try a project with one of the pedals. Some time, a wire brush and bed liner spray. Here is what I got. I only did the clutch pedal but plan on doing all them. Wear gloves unless you like the rubber smell on your hands days after. I learned the hard way...
  13. How much power can a stock regal hold

    I'm still almost pure stock. I have a K&N and that's it so far. I am coming up on my 1yr anniversary with the car and I have been following and reading some threads on here. I have seen the post on getting more power but how are you all stopping it? I did an upgrade to my front rotors [slotted...
  14. 2012 FWD to AWD Conversion?

    Question and forgive me if it has been asked. Since the 2012 GS had an AWD option and "you" were only able to get a FWD (used), how hard would it be to upgrade to or convert to AWD?
  15. What's your Premium fuel of choice - 91 or 93?

    Ok - GS and Turbo owners - what is your choice of Premium fuel and why? I have been feeding my GS a good diet of Sunoco 91 octane. When I had my GTP I feed it 93 (at the time 93 was Premium now it's Ultra) anyway, what is your fuel of choice (91, 93 or higher) and Pro's and Con's? On a side...