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  • Hi I have a question about logging. I have a Tactrix cable 2.0 (clear with Tactrix on it). I downloaded all the stuff on my laptop but can't get it to work. I get a "can't read info or something." any ideas? I want to log first and see how bad this OEM tune is.
    Email is better.....premium fuel ONLY....91 or better. Feel free to capture the datalogs and send them over to trifecta....if you're stock there isn't much to tweak at this point.
    Thanks again its done now, so if i might add, How much octane gas should be run when tuned only 87 or better result with higher octane just wondering. another quicki if you don't mind if i want the best results i should data log and send some files at trifecta for the best tune right. anyways thanks again and let me know ok if you rather i communicate with you in other ways ok.
    Hey Jason, I just looked at your order.......Canadian shipping is an additional $20.....please send us another $20 via PayPal and I can then process your order. Please use for PayPal thanks
    Thanks alot for your time and answer very appreciated. I ordered the tune and can't wait to try it good day.
    Hello, select-a-tune give the ability to switch from tuned to stock on the fly via the cruise control on/off control remain functional as well
    Hi Royhobbs this is Jason sorry if i'm bothering you but very interrested in the buick tune my only question is what is select a tune more in details please thanks for your time.
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