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  1. Seeking experienced buick mechanic advice

    Yes it could if there is an obstruction due to deposits. Is your stock PCV system still intact? If not, describe what has been changed. All 4 stroke internal combustion engines need both a clean side, where metered filtered fresh make up air enters the crankcase to flush/make up for the...
  2. Performance upgrades anyone?

    For any with the LLT DI engine, or the previous LY7 (non di) we have the Iceolator intake manifold spacers that add 20 whp & 25 wtq. The CNC ported throttle bodies, and of course for all stop the oil ingestion with the RX oil separating crankcase evac system. And, were looking for anyone...
  3. 11whp gain using the WERKSracing Phenolic Spacer Set!!!

    Any time you reduce heat soak and reduce intake air temps the denser air charge will allow more power. Inexpensive bolt on power for sure. We see 20 rwhp & 25 plus rwtq on the 3.6 LLT engine with our version. :thumbsup:
  4. Performance upgrades anyone?

    Even daily driver owners, if you have any generation of the 3.6L V6 there are several products to save fuel and increase performance as well as smoother drivability for very low cost. The LLT & LY7 3.6 Icolator is a bolt on 20 rwhp 25 plus rwtq (slightly less for the LY7). The CNC patteren...
  5. Performance upgrades anyone?

    LLT ported intake manifold w/custom finish Caddy 3.6l LLT centrificul SC'd single turbo LFX 3.6 CNC ported TB for the LLT & the LFX
  6. Performance upgrades anyone?

    Just joined, so habve not had time to get to know the forum yet. Paid to be a supporting vendor so for all that dont know us, we engineer, develop, and manufacture after market performance parts and as several buicks have the 3.6L LY7, LLT, and LFX (current DI engine), we have several power...
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