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  1. I like my needles RED

    Not many. That is true of 2012-17 as well.
  2. Spare Tire

    There are threads on here about this subject. I think that my ‘11 turbo had a full spare but my ‘13 GS had none. I bought one but it is not full size.
  3. The Ultimate Buick Regal Is Discontinued Discussion

    The extra warranty is expensive. I was quoted almost 2000 to extend from 3/36 to 5/60 bumper to bumper.
  4. The Ultimate Buick Regal Is Discontinued Discussion

    Buick as a brand and Regal as a model. It seems to make the decision to stop selling in the US very dumb.
  5. 2015 Regal GS Price

    VMRINTL.com. Current average wholesale (auction) prices and Retail. Best price guide on the internet.
  6. Spare Tire Help

    I had a deposit down on a 2020 Regal Avenir but I can’t find a spare tire solution that will fit around the Bose subwoofer. Has anyone found a solution? I’m not buying the car without a spare.
  7. Dashboard rattle on driver's side.

    I’m going to offer a suggestion. My ‘13 GS had a terribly frustrating rattle that was solved very easily. If you look at the picture above of the video made by Katsubento, you will see a space along the bottom of the dash. Mine has a similar arrangement and I bought black weather stripping that...
  8. GS Sport seat comfort ? looking for feedback please

    I’m sorry that I can’t speak for the new GS seats, but I can tell you that my ‘11 turbo and my present’13 GS seats are awesome for long trips especially. I’ve had 9 hour days and of course I’m tired but not from the seats. The new GS seats are endorsed by some European group for backs.
  9. Pre-Production Regal CXL?

    The car was built in Germany. Regals were built over there for the first 6 months or so after which production moved to Canada. There were manual transmissions offered in non-GS turbos in 2011 and I think through 2013. I seriously considered buying one back in 2013 but bought an automatic instead.
  10. 28k+TTL offer on a 2019 Regal Avenir got turned down

    I’ve run into many dealers who act like they really don’t want to sell a car. You might try returning to the dealer the next to last day of the month ready to buy and drive the vehicle away if they meet your price.
  11. I thought that Buick was not going to have a 2020 regal gs..

    2020 GS models are at dealers although there are currently none in New England. The warranty is 3/36 with option to pay 1995 at purchase for 5/60. There are currently no incentives on 2020 models. I’ve been seriously thinking about buying a 2019/20 but I’m now leaning against it. Just not...
  12. 2020 Regal Sportback Arrived!

    Enjoy! How long did it take from order to arrival?
  13. GS tires

    I have Altimax RT43 by General. Highly rated on Tire Rack but inexpensive. Rated for 85000 miles. My GS is ‘13 FWD
  14. Fed up with this Regal

    Most think She’ll is best. But I’ve found any of the brand names to be fine.
  15. What do you wish your Buick had that you had in another vehicle?

    I drive a ‘13 GS and there is very little about it that I don’t love. I do wish that I did not have to push the GS or Sport mode every time I start the car and the same for the heated seats. The ‘13 has plenty of power, a Harmon Kardon audio system far superior to the Bose and zero rattles at...
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