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  1. Performance Autowerks, Inc. moving sale!!!

    Anything for a Rendezvous ?
  2. Should Buick rebrand as Vauxhall in America?

    I think it is an appropriate name for an automotive company , sounds like a big bag.
  3. How many Buicks have you owned in your life (so far)?

    I've had 2 a 1988 Regal Custom I loved the Velour Seats and it reminded of Oldsmobiles, other than that it was a massive pile of crap it had really goofy squashed headlights that were darn near impossible to change and emitted no light at night. Currently a proud owner 2002 Buick Rendezvous.
  4. Should Buick have an extreme performance car in it's lineup?

    They should just copy BMW if toyota can copy the germans why can't Buick ? Need a massive plush spaceship of a boat. Copy one of those slap a Buick badge on it with massive Brembo Brakes and cost 1/3 the sticker. The car can cost up to 130 cad new.
  5. Are there any Buick history buffs here?

    I heard an old drunk Scottish guy invented the company, they were the first to put the valve stems and cams on the topside of the engine.
  6. Replaced gas cap.

    It is a 4 dollar job it is supposed to be worth it no gas smell.
  7. 2002 buick rendezvous serpentine belt tensioner tool.

    Which one do I need to fit this buick ? Why doesn't the dealer loan or at least sell a good one ? Im sick of this garbage and you expect 82 thousand dollars for a new duramax truck its bullox.
  8. New Springs on the way.

    Have any of you guys braved this one ? Looks frightening to touch the rear springs I think I already had a nightmare there is a place that rents lifts and impact tools in town. Might be worth a shot anybody who has successfully changed these Id appreciate for safety Ive heard springs can kill you.
  9. 2008 Buick Enclave

    Can you please build it properly in the first place ? Or im going to Duetcheland. This is 2014 boys we have cars since the 1800's its a little pathetic.
  10. Rendezvous running perfect right now.

    Rendezvous joy in my heart. :D Crap I done to it in the past year. New rear brake shoes rotors were perfect, New rear Monroe struts cleaned the ride up still needs one new spring. Fixed ABS/AWD cable. Changed oil three times. Added some transmission fluid, Changed all wiper blades big...
  11. Crisis Averted

    2002 rendezvous pulled a code P 0303 misfire in cylinder three. Symptoms lack of power rumbling at idle and a soft weak accelleration about 10 percent of the time. Engine stalled once during normal driving slight drop in fuel mileage over course of a week. Possible solutions new spark plug...
  12. 2005 Buick Allure - POS Buick is going to be gone

    lool Im kinda liking the new Buicks wouldn't mind one of them Enclaves them shits are purdy.
  13. Inconsistent heater issues.

    Hi I have had my Rendezvous for a couple years lately it has been giving me some not so fum heater issues. The coolant leaks I assume from the head gasket stopped most of it with pepper of all things and it worked good for a while then the weather changed. The weather got real hot then real...
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