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  • Any chance you are Chuck Pillik. If so this is Rich Kotch. I just bought a new 2017 LaCrosse and joined this message board and came across your posts. Send me a reply if it’s you.
    Hello shs

    Mine is a FWD. I live in NJ and I couldn't justify getting AWD and the weight penalty (400#). Keep an eye on the prices. There are some good bargains out there. is a good resource.

    I love the way the car handles and it look sexy as hell too. It could use another 30 HP but I can live with it.

    Just came back from a 250 round trip to Dover Delaware and I still have a half tank left.

    If you have anymore questions, ask away!

    Take care,
    Is your GS fwd or AWD? I drove a 2014 AWD two days ago and I think it was the nicest car that I have ever driven. Would love to buy it but their price is too high.
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