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Recent content by The Roadmaster

  1. 2009 LaCrosse will not start on first crank

    Replaced the battery a few days ago with Delco replacement, terminals were heavily corroded. All cleaned up. Now the car will not start on the first crank. Sounds strong when cranking and starter disengages ... not started. Second crank is like the starter begins to crank but won't crank...
  2. 05 Lacrosse doesn't heat very well

    decided to give the core flush a try. what a surprise. all is well and the car is a sweat box at full heat, although I will keep and eye for leaks after this process. Since it is cold outside I drove over to My Mechanics Place, a nice shop in Livonia, MI that rents stalls with or without a...
  3. Someone Grab This

    Sorry Corey, I know it's out of place but it's kinda time sensitive. Nice Roadmaster Wagon with only 50,000 miles. (No,it's not mine)i http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/cto/5286180385.html (delete post when car is gone?)
  4. Factory Service Manuals Wanted '03 Regal

    I tried to post this in Classifieds but keep getting an error. So, I'm looking for the 3 volume set of factory service manuals for an '03 Buick Regal. eBay has some clowns jacking the prices up on these items so I'm forgetting them as a source. One wants $300 for the set, another $155 ... I...
  5. 2003 Regal LS Windshield Washer Fuse Location

    Looking for the location of the windshield washer pump fuse. Looked inside the cabin and under the hood and can't find anything listing WSW. Anyone have better information on this? Thanks 03 Regal LS 3800
  6. Need 235/70R15 white wall tires !

    Anyone remember the Goodyear Aquatred? Here is what I tried to come up with from some old sources with no luck:
  7. Roadmaster Leftovers

    I've found some remnants of my Roadmaster ownership .. I miss her. Anyway, I have a rear window brakelight and a box of daily driver Buick Rally Wheel Center Caps. I doubt there is much salvageable from the brakelight in the way of electrical contact as rust has taken its toll, but the lens...
  8. Side Molding Body Clips

    Sold my wagon and keep finding parts. I have a handful of those hard to find blue and white side body molding clips. Since I don't own a Roadmaster any longer I don't need them. Free if you're local and pick them up, $7 to mail them to you. No paypal .. Postal Money order works. PM me...
  9. Midas & My Opinion

    We have a 2003 Regal. When I purchased the car the dealer (Rogin Buick) told me the front wheel bearings were not defective but would need to be replaced soon, as per his mechanic. In fact, he told me he'd split the cost of replacing them and he cut me a check for $200 to cover his half. I got a...
  10. Free Rear Seat - Burgundy (maroon)

    Free rear seat (2nd seat, not the rear facing 3rd seat). Leather, excellent shape, foam and leather. No rips, tears or excessive wear. It's in Livonia, MI. Seriously great condition. Did I mention ... FREE Sold my Wagon, got a Riviera. *sigh* I miss her already.
  11. Electric Trunk Release Available

    I finally found a spoiler on a GS in the bone yards. I had to buy the whole trunk lid and it was not in good shape. The spoiler and the electric lock/release mechanism are in good shape so I have removed them both. The spoiler is going to the shop for refinishing and paint. The lock release...
  12. I Need a Wheel

    Looking for 1 or 2 LeSabre wheels. here is a pic: 1 wheel will complete my set but 2 gets one with peeling chrome off of the car. PM me if you have a wheel for me. I have found them online but these junk yards are ridiculous with their prices.
  13. Center Tail Light Section

    Looking for a center tail light section for an 03 Regal LS, or anything compatible.
  14. Looking For

    4 16 inch Riviera 12 spoke chrome wheels and caps. No pits, peeling or curb rash. Shoot me a PM if you have clean wheels.
  15. New Toy

    1997 Diamond White, Blue Leather not a fleck of rust. A gem! 91,000 miles. These are the dealer pics, some good some not so good. When better weather arrives my pics will be taken. Looking to change the wheels as soon as I find the factory Riviera Chrome wheels. Quiet, smooth and damned near...