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  1. How To: Add Heated Steering Wheel Option

    Excellent write-up and a great mod.
  2. Where is the Battery Voltage gage on a 2013 Buick Encore

    I agree with this post 100%. I posted almost this same verbiage on another car forum. The manufactures, at the very least, should make it an option like upgraded radio, or automatic climate control. With the advent of digital display centers on modern cars, "full instrumentation" is only the...
  3. Looking for Instant MPG gauge.

    Be sure and sign up at fuelly and track your overall mileage too. It's interesting.
  4. I NEED A CENTER ARMREST - Any ideas?

    This is about the nicest armrest I've seen for a replacement. Of course you have to remove the little factory one. US $25.53 32% OFF|For Opel Vauxhall Holden Astra Corsa Mokka Tigra Zafira Tourer Center Centre Console Rotatable Armrest Car Arm Rest Storage Box-in Armrests from Automobiles &...
  5. Winter drivers: Is AWD a 'must have' in snow and/or icy winter driving?

    Great advice, and that's just what I do. With the 4 snow tires on, and on a snowy country back road that is curvy and slightly uphill, and with no other cars around, I like to whip the steering wheel and see what the Encore will do. It's hard to do because it goes against all that you learn...
  6. Winter drivers: Is AWD a 'must have' in snow and/or icy winter driving?

    I went two states over just to find a front wheel drive ONLY, completely loaded Encore with every option. Every Encore sold around here is an AWD model. In my area, Pittsburgh, it snows, but usually little ones, so the roads are sometimes snow covered with an inch or so, but sometimes we get...
  7. Oil Change

    Your Bro has me beat. At last count I was somewhere around 25 cars. And you are exactly right. Some of my early cars had the cartridge filters in all the different locations. And some had the canister spin on type in the worst location, where you had to have the car up on ramps just to reach...
  8. Oil Change

    It's good that you should say. I have the Hengst cap and the filters for that cap vary in design also. I had the factory filter from the dealer and it seemed cheaper in design than the one I bought at NAPA. Here's the one I bought: NAPA 7674 It had a updated relief valve plunger in the clip...
  9. Oil Change

    My owners manual (2013) states: "If the engine has been running recently, turn off the engine and allow several minutes for the oil to drain back into the oil pan. 2013_buick_encore_owners.pdf
  10. Oil Change

    I decided to add some pictures to the original DIY Oil Change thread because they seem to be missing. The original thread is here: DIY Oil Change It has lots of good information on doing the oil change. And it was one of the easiest oil changes I've done in a while, and you can do the whole...
  11. Brake rotors failing at 35,000 miles

    Completely agree. Brake fluid is hydroscopic by nature and absorbs water in the "sealed" system in all automobiles. And the reason I put "sealed" in quotations is that there is NO sealed systems. They are all vented. Brake fluid - Wikipedia A car that is parked outside in a humid...
  12. Brake rotors failing at 35,000 miles

    You're lucky to get 35K out of them. That's pretty good these days. Ever since GM went bankrupt, shed their debt, and closed Delphi, all those components are mostly made in China, along with the replacement parts.
  13. Check engine Light

    You can't do it that way. You need to get the fault code your car is storing. Then replace that part or sensor, and then clear the code. Bad air filters, spark plugs and valve covers do not have specific fault codes to set off your check engine light.
  14. Encore Dash Engine Temperature Gauge

    That's just about were mine is at all times. Maybe just a touch more towards the center, but it could just be the angle of the photograph, which is actually called parallax. You can't have parallax on a digital gauge..... but anyways.......that's were mine is on the hottest days. The only...
  15. Does Buick make Duel Exhausts for the Encore ?

    You probably saw something like this:
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